7 thoughts on “Report: Yankees acquire Chris Capuano from Rockies

  • Rob Abruzzese

    Capuano is a slightly below league average pitcher. It sounds like the Yankees picked him up just because he was cheap and their rotation is thin. Previously the rotation was Kuroda, Phelps, Whitley, Greene and McCarthy with absolutely nobody to fill in if someone got hurt. This gives them a small amount of depth for no cost.

    • hotdog

      It's the sad state of affairs…no one at AAA seems likely to make the cut…sounds like it was a good decision based on their needs…very little in terms of starting pitching seems available for trade…

  • tom

    Wow.. I guess I was wrong about Refsnyder's shot. SMH?

    Why did Yankees neglect Billings and Leroux in favor of trading for Capuano who has yet to make a start this year?

    Is 4 southpaws in the bullpen part of strategy to clinch a playoff spot?

    Although it is a small trade, I don't envision it as a smart move on Yankees part.

    • tom

      Ah… Capuano is not on 40 man roster for Rockies. It would be all right if he is not on Yankees' 40 man roster now. He will need to stretch out for August and September contest.

  • roy

    We'll be happy to have Capuano, who is capable of putting a solid month together if aces like Whitley, Phelps, Warren, McCarthy or Warren flop or go DL.

    • Mike Sommer

      There is no lefty in the rotation as of now. None. Maybe there will be. Whitley, a career minor league reliever, is about to hit his innings max., ever. No player was given up, just cash considerations.

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