Report: Yankees trade Yangervis Solarte to Padres for Chase Headley 18


Chase Headley? Welcome to the New York Yankees.

The New York Yankees have acquired Chase Headley from the San Diego Padres for Yankees third basemen Yangervis Solarte and Class A Pitcher, Rafael DePaula. The Padres will pay $1 Million off Headley’s contract.

In 77 games with the San Diego Padres this season, Headley is hitting .229 with 7 home runs and 32 RBI’s.

18 thoughts on “Report: Yankees trade Yangervis Solarte to Padres for Chase Headley

  • hotdog

    a rental for 2 months plus (I hope) for Solarte and DePaula…i think the Padres made out…lighting in a bottle mentality…a .229 hitter with not much power, striking out as much as he does is not my idea of improving the offense…i believe he is a good third baseman though…at least the Yankees are not moving their top prospects at this point…this one is a head scratcher imo…

  • tom

    Even though I am sour on losing DePaula, Yankees lose nothing. Headley should play at 3B with Wheeler platooning Suzuki at RF.

    Headley usually has stronger 2nd half so I hope his back issue doesn't pull him down.

    I doubt Yankees will sign him to an extension at any point.

  • michael

    Let's not go too crazy with Headley. Yes he is a nice player but also he his hitting .229 having a down season. Plus he is a pending free agent after this season, so the Yankees are pretty much renting him. Also a bit injury prone as well.

  • Michael R

    Since they are definitely still in the hunt Headley will provide the defensive stability they've needed at 3rd base. Hopefully he will get hot with the bat and spur the offense, but my gut feeling tells me this team won't get where it wants to be, regardless. Over the long haul, a bad move I think. Baseball is a young man's game. !62 game season exacts a terrible toll on the body, as we've seen. Solarte was a "real find" for awhile until he cooled off, which we all knew would happen. Even Mantle returned to the minors after his initial stint with the Yanks. While I know Solarte is no Mantle, I think he's going to be an effective big league player nonetheless. I would have kept him.

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