Rob Refsnyder becomes talk among the Yankees


For the last few months, all anyone could talk about was Rob Refsnyder, the young Yankees prospect who has been making a name for himself in the Minor Leagues. He’s been the breakout star that has fans speculating when he’ll be called up, but Refsnyder believes it could be a while before we see him in Yankees pinstripes.

“I enjoy every moment here,” Refsnyder said to the New York Daily News. “I think that’s maybe why I’ve been successful in some pressure situations. I kind of stay in the now and don’t get caught up in the other stuff.

“I’ll enjoy it my first time there — it’ll be something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. But it still feels kind of a long ways away.”

While Refnsyder struggled while in Class-A Charleston, he did a fantastic job during his time between Double-A and Triple-A this season with a .333 AVG, 11 HR, 41-extra base-hits and a .401 OBP. Refnsyder credits Double-A hitting coach (and former Yankee) Marcus Thames for his jump in power numbers.

“I was working underneath the ball,” said Refsnyder. “Marcus was pretty frank: he said ,‘This isn’t going to work.’ So we went back to the drawing board. He stood me up a little more upright, redid my posture at the plate, and that helped me get more direct to the baseball.

“I think that really helped me on the inside pitch this year, and I think that’s why my power numbers have sparked a little bit. I’m able to get to some of the pitches I wasn’t able to last year. “

Refsnyder was originally a corner outfielder before the Yankees converted him into an infielder because they didn’t believe he hit well enough to play a corner outfield position. However, with the Yankees needing an outfielder after designating Alfonso Soriano for assignment and with Refsnyder climbing his way up the minor league system, Refsnyder will begin making starts in the outfield next week for Scranton.

“I’m not presently looking to call him up, but he’s demanding that we pay attention,” Cashman said. “If he came up here (in the coming weeks), it would likely be in the outfield.”

With all this surrounding him, Refsnyder is unfazed.

I just stay in my routine,” he said. “The guys always make fun of me because I’m always in the cage but I think, for me personally, that’s how I get better, through swings and hours in the cage.

“I’ll let everybody else worry about all the other stuff.”

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18 Responses to Rob Refsnyder becomes talk among the Yankees

  1. tom says:

    I read somewhere that his college coach said he has solid outfield arm strength but Yankees moved him to 2B because of light offensive tools. So what is of SS?

    I heard Yankees have inquired about Cubs' SS….. I want Arismendy Alcantara, not Starlin Castro nor Javier Baez.

  2. hotdog says:

    I'm glad that a few of our minor leaguers are having "up" years…2013 saw a lot of disappointment…seems like Sanchez has stabilized things at AA…maybe he's got a 2015 debut…

  3. Ray says:

    Kevin Long will ruin him

    • hotdog says:

      i don't know why people are hating on Long…given the team they had in 2013, the Yankees did very well…Kevin Long is not going to bring Brian McCann back to his early Atlanta years and he's not going to provide Ellsbury with better pitches that he might have seen in Boston with a good core supporting him…I can't blame him for Soriano as much as I can't applaud him for Soriano 2013…is he great, who knows…should he be replaced, maybe but only with a clean sweep imo if they eventually go that direction…

      • Longs approach stinks. The way the hitters attack the ball with RISP is probably the worst I have ever seen. I dont blame him for how hitters hit I blame him for some of these guys approaches. Its funny how people think McCann ( and even himself) is 280 hitter. Look at his career hes no more then 240-250 guy. They need to stop putting so much pressure on him and hell hit eventually

  4. Matt Wilhelm says:

    Jason Giambi should retire and become the Yankees hitting coach

  5. Roberts is hitting .294/.314/.515 over his last 17 games. That's going to make it hard for the Yankees to call Refsnyder up. I would be shocked if he weren't a September call-up though.

    • hotdog says:

      he's probably better off getting a full season more or less at AAA…i think we're all hopeful that a guy from the farm is going to make it and become the next star player…and after all that's been said about our farm, our guys have been looking better this year…

    • Its always like that they start talking about guys in the news and then they start hitting and when it becomes an issue in Oct theyre like man we should of gotten someone. If he bats 260 id be happy but I dont see it happening hell fall..

  6. mikewolfrm83139 says:

    he sounds like a good prospect for Yankees to call up…never heard much about his personal attitudes or character…what you do when you'e not in the batting cage…he is young and strong physically…the game of baseball also requires good emotional balance and spritual faith component. When it gets down and dirty how will he respond? It's not always easy to predict the tough times before they come…peace [SHALOM] Mike Wolf

  7. Michael R says:

    How about using Refsnyder in the OF, that's where he played when drafted. Call up the hot bat instead of Almonte.

    • What would be the point of that? Do you really want to risk his development to win, what?, maybe 2 extra games?

      • Did you or anybody read the article ? Check scrantons box score they are already playing him in right field.

        If a player's head gets screwed up by a positional change then he's too weak minded to reach his potential anyway

        • He just started there for the first time tonight since 2012. I think it's a bad idea. Why mess with him again and change his position? He'll be much more valuable as a second baseman. They have outfielders in the minor league pipeline, but no impact infielders. This season is in the toilet. It's been that way since 2013 CC showed up, Pineda's shoulder proved to not be healed, and Nova needed Tommy John. The Yankees should be developing Refsnyder for the future. Not moving him back to the outfield because Brian Roberts has hit over the last 3 weeks.

        • Joel Frost says:

          Exactly. And all indications are that he's mentally tough anyway. Moving from 2b back to his original OF won;t be a problem for him at all.

  8. cyril morley says:

    The New York Yankees have pitcher in there farm system, don,t trade away young player for pass time player. The Yankees GM singular to don,t trust young player, that ever teams dream young players and cheap. Pitcher to look at out the farm is Rafael Depaula, Ronny Batista, Luis Rodriguez, Chris Cabrera, Rookie Davis, Luis Severino, Manny Banuelos, Omar Luis, Julian Nunez & Jario Heredia. Catcher to use Gary Sanchez, John R Murphy & Austin Romine. First Base to use Greg Bird, Second Base to use Angelo Gumbs, Rob Refsnyder, Anderson Feliz & Jose Pirela. Third Base to use Eric Jagielo, Miguel Ardyjar & Matt Duran. Like to see most these players in yankees uniform

    • hotdog says:

      i just hope some of these guys become Yankee regulars…most of them won't make the grade…i would say Manny Banuelos is a guy i hope makes it to his potential…what a big plus that would be…

  9. Balt Yank says:

    I don't get what the Yankees are waiting for. Get Jose Pirela for 2B, Almonte for OF, and a real pitcher for our fifth starter. Why continue with Kevin Johnson, who started LF the last game??? How about moving Adam Warren to the starting rotation. The Yankee bullpen is good but needs protection more than another RP. It isn't rocket science.

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