Seven completely random Yankees questions


Whenever there’s a Yankees off-day, I usually skim around the internet and either read or watch things that have to do with the Yankees. Today, I stumbled upon an article from the Wall Street Journal that tends to happen every year. Yankees players were asked a variety of questions that had to deal with certain situations only to answer which teammate best answers the question, and since today is the last day of the All-Star Break, I thought I’d do something a little similar of asking random questions and then answering them. You have the choice to answer the questions yourselves, but I thought it would be a small fun exercise involving the Yankees. 

1. Which Yankee would you want to see on Saturday Night Live?

Easy: Mark Teixeira. Have you not seen, Foul Territory? The faux-talk show is beyond hilarious. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Derek Jeter on SNL one more time.

2. Which Yankee would you want to back you up in a fight?

I don’t pick fights at all, but if there ever was a time I had the 2014 Yankees at my disposal for a fight…I’d choose Dellin Betances. No one messes with a 6-foot-8 reliever.

3. Which Yankee would you want to play MLB: The Show against?

I’d like to play MLB: The Show against Yangervis Solarte. I heard he was playing it when he was called up to the majors for the second time, so that’s why I’d choose him. In case anyone was wondering…I have a no-hitter and perfect game under my belt; one with CC Sabathia and one with Masahiro Tanaka so I don’t lose easily.

4. Which Yankee would you want to see compete on Jeopardy?

I’d like to see David Phelps, Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner compete on Jeopardy (with all the money they make going to charity). They’re all extremely smart guys, so it would be interesting to watch.

5. Which Yankee would win in a foot race between Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki?

I would actually would want to see this happen from home plate to the center field wall, but if I had to choose who would win, I think Ichiro in his prime would wipe the floor with Ellsbury and Gardner. If we were judging right now, Gardner would beat Ellsbury by an eye-lash.

6. Which Yankee would you make a biographical movie about?

If there’s anyone they have to make a theatrical movie about on the Yankees, it has to be about Derek Jeter. The newest question is…who would portray him?

7. Which former Yankee would make a great manager/coach?

One of my favorite former Yankees was Core Four member Jorge Posada because of his determination to win and leadership. With that said, I think Posada would make a great manager/coach should he ever choose to–but if Posada becomes Yankees manager, he has to make Mariano Rivera the pitching coach.

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2 Responses to Seven completely random Yankees questions

  1. James Dogg says:

    Nothing against Dellin, but in a fight I would want McCann.

  2. Ron Flaum says:

    It should be the FANTASTIC FIVE with Bernie Williams. I've never understood why he was left out.

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