Tanaka’s injury a big blow to the rotation


When the Yankees were drawing the map on their rotation during Spring Training, they were touted as having one of the best rotations in baseball. Fast-forward to July 10 and they had lost 80% of their rotation; Masahiro Tanaka being the latest blow. Dr. Chris Ahmad would evaluate Tanaka–but he’s in Seattle for an orthopedic convention until next week, which is the reason why CC Sabathia hasn’t seen him of yet. There is one thing the Yankees know; Tanaka’s elbow is sore and he was placed on the DL with ‘inflammation’, although they’re not sure of how serious it is.

“It’s obviously soreness,” Girardi said. “I’m not saying it’s a significant injury. There’s soreness and he must have felt that it was affecting him a little bit.”

Brett Gardner was supposed to talk about his injury (mild abdominal injury) but when he heard the news on Tanaka, he immediately worried for his teammate. From Gardner’s observation, Tanaka’s a very special player and he’ll be missed if he has to stay out of the rotation for an extended period of time.

“You just hope and pray that we get good news, that it’s something minor,” Gardner said. “You worry about anybody, but he’s pretty special, what he’s been able to do the first half of the season. I think anyone could tell watching him last night; I don’t know when his arm was bothering him or how long it’s been bothering him, but he obviously wasn’t himself. Hopefully we get good news.”

The Yankees are hoping for the best, but let’s face it–the Yankees are in trouble if they have to be without Tanaka for any portion of the season. It’s time for players to step up and hold down the fort until Tanaka could come back.

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5 Responses to Tanaka’s injury a big blow to the rotation

  1. greg says:

    These aged clueless group of players are are too aloof to step up, because they still get paid!!!

  2. tom says:

    That blows. Let's hope his injury is just a minor otherwise Yankees would have to either make a trade for overpriced joker or tap on Billings or Mitchell.

    I probably go with Billings for now. Then if Yankees "quit" contending, Mitchell and Whitney could split game so that way they get some experience for next year or improving their trade value.

    That really blows.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    Yankees should fire the pitching coach if only to send a message and ask questions later. Nova, CC, "Pinhead", and now Tanaka and no one noticed that these pitchers were hurting. Who let Pinhead out on the mound with pinetar on his neck? The pitching staff also mishandled Joba, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy in recent years. There is something very wrong with the management.

  4. hotdog says:

    I would prefer the Yankees stay away from trading for a Cliff Lee or Cole Hamels…sure, they're only 3 games back but why leverage the future now…

  5. Robert Rufa says:

    Should this have been expected? If Tanaka was pitching every seven days in Japan and pitching brilliantly, shouldn't that have been taken into account when setting up the rotation? Maybe pitching all out every 4-5 is bad for the human arm. Some can do it, maybe many can't. We know that the success a lot of pitchers enjoy is often short-lived. Maybe more pitchers should throw 3/4, or sidearm, learn to throw junk, like Eddie Lopat did. The fastball pitcher is a god, but he's not omnipotent.

    But pitching a starter every seven days means having seven dependable starters–a luxury few teams have (especially the Yanks), so what's the answer? A less-demanding schedule? Well, maybe five games a week would be enough.

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