To stay in contention, Yankees need McCann and Beltran to produce


The Bronx Bombers are currently in contention for a play-off spot, but if they want to have any chance of making it to the postseason, they’re going to need to bolster their offense. MLB Network analyst Mark DeRosa discussed the Yankees offensive woes, saying they can’t rely on their pitching to win games all the time.

“It will come down to whether or not Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran and those guys can offensively take the pressure off the pitching staff — unless Brian Cashman goes out and grabs Cliff Lee or someone like that,” said DeRosa

The Yankees lost 80% of the rotation due to injury; CC Sabathia is out for the rest of the season due to knee surgery, Ivan Nova could miss the next two seasons with Tommy John Surgery, Michael Pineda is rehabbing from a strain in his teres major muscle and Masahiro Tanaka is trying to rehab a UCL tear in his elbow. While Brandon McCarthy, Shane Greene, Chase Whitley and David Phelps have done a good job, DeRosa is skeptical the rotation can continue their phenomenal pitching.

“I don’t know if you can rely on that down the stretch,” he said. “You lose your 1-2 [in the rotation], it’s devastating.”

The Yankees have gotten production from Chase Headley, a player they acquired four days ago, but if they want to have any chance of making it, they’re going to need Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran to play to their contracts.

“The AL East is so wide open and nobody has the roster to distance themselves,” DeRosa said. “The aura of the Yankees seems to find a way to get them ‘W’s.’ I’m not counting them out, no way, not with the resources [general manager ] Brian Cashman has, not with the offensive guys that have underachieved to this point. I wouldn’t count them out.”

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6 Responses to To stay in contention, Yankees need McCann and Beltran to produce

  1. JSkillet says:

    You don't remember this is the same team we had in 1995-1996 basically..A bunch of older vets with pop..a budding catcher in the making…Everyone elses pitchers and a bullpen from the farm. With a producing outfield and a young hall of fame shortstop who is playing renewed baseball later. We can win this way…we have done it before…

    • I don't agree. I don't even agree a little bit. The 1996 team would destroy this team. In fact, they have almost nothing in common.

      The bullpen is similar, but that's where it ends. The 1996 team had a rotation of Jimmy Key, David Cone, and Andy Pettitte. This years team doesn't have one pitcher as good as any of those guys unless Tanaka comes back (unlikely).

      Every hitter in the 96 starting lineup was between the ages of 27 and 33. This years team has two 40 year olds and nobody below the age of 30. That bench had Jim Leyritz, Tim Raines (should be a hall of famer), Darryl Strawberry (could have been a hall of famer), Cecil Fielder, and Charlie Hayes. This year's team doesn't even have a backup first baseman and a player, that they liked enough to sign to a two-year contract, that is hitting .222/.271/.241.

      Comparing this team to the 96 team is insulting to the 96 team and shows a lack of appreciation for how good they were.

  2. Jskillet says:

    I was referring to the 95-96 team not the 96-97 team..kk thx bai

    • This is not basketball. When you refer to a team as the 1995-96 team, you are actually referring to two teams. Naturally, you know that the 1995 team didn't make it out of the ALDS so I just assumed you were comparing this team to the 1996 team. I guess when you said a bullpen from the farm you meant Bob Wickman and when you said budding young catcher you were talking about Jim Leyritz?? Or maybe you were talking about basketball. I'm so confused now.

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