Video: “Foul Territory” with Mark Teixera and…a base?

YES Network released the newest episode of “Foul Territory” with Mark Teixeira and Teixeira’s guests are usually lively. However this guest was so quiet–that it was an inanimate object. Yes, ladies and gentlemen; Mark Teixeira’s guest for “Foul Territory” is none other than a base. It doesn’t know whether it would be a first base, a second base or a third base, but it did “say” it wanted to be a home plate over a pitchers mound just to eavesdrop on conversations between the catchers and umpires.

Was this the best episode of “Foul Territory” ever? No, but it was close. Was it so bizarre that it was interesting? Yes, yes it was. Maybe for a future episode, Mark Teixeira should interview a baseball just to see how it feels going 90 miles-an-hour from the pitchers hand to the catchers glove. I’m sure there will be great conversation there.

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