Video: Jordan’s sneakers releases Derek Jeter commercial 3

2014 is officially the “Derek Jeter Farewell Tour” and it seems the popular sneaker brand Jordan’s has their own gift for Jeter: a touching commercial.

The commercial starts at Yankee Stadium where Derek Jeter is stepping into the box against Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox. Before the first pitch is thrown, Lester tips his cap on the mound, which starts a montage of former Hall of Famers, Jeter’s family, Yankees fans, fans of opposing teams, some of New York’s finest and even a cameo by Michael Jordan tipping their caps to honor the Captain.

If anything, this commercial showed how much Jeter will be missed when he retires and it shows the impact he made on everyone around them. So watch the commercial, try not to cry and enjoy the last two and a half months of the season because after the season’s gone, Jeter’s gone for good.

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