Video: The 10th anniversary of “The Dive” play

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since “The Dive” play happened, and watching the video above never gets old. To think Derek Jeter put his body on the line during a game in July just so his team wouldn’t give away an out. “The Dive” play symbolizes Jeter’s will to play the game with full intensity no matter what day it is and to never let the other team gain an opportunity to one-up the Yankees. Not only that, but Jeter suffered a couple of cuts and bruises just to record the out. That’s pretty¬†hardcore.

So to honor the amazing play Jeter made 10 years ago, let’s watch it on a continuous loop all day long and just take in the fact that a play like this might never happen again–well it¬†could happen, but it probably wouldn’t have as much of an effect since it’s been done once before by The Captain.

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