Were there any All-Star game snubs?


Yesterday, Major League Baseball announced the players going to Minnesota for the All-Star game on July 15th, and while every player who has performed well can’t make the roster, there was still the occasional snub here and there. That saying goes for some of the Yankees on the team. Sure, the Yankees as a team haven’t been performing well, but there were two particular players that did deserve at least some consideration.

Brett Gardner: Derek Jeter was the Yankees position player chosen to go to Minnesota, but Jeter wasn’t the player that was the most consistent all year. The only Yankee who showed any consistency on the team this was Brett Gardner. I know he’s not a power hitter and I know he’s not the most popular player in the Major Leagues, but Gardner is an All-Star in his own right and he’s shown that power is not the only way to win ball games.

His OBP is .359, so what does that mean? He gets on base. He has the highest WAR on the Yankees, so what does that mean? He saved runs with his defense. He’s the Yankees best hitter with RISP (runners in scoring position) so what does that mean? He’s a clutch hitter. Baseball fans have a mindset where power is the only way you become an All-Star, but Gardner brings a whole other game to the table and it’s a shame he’s not recognized for it.

David Robertson: David Robertson is Mariano Rivera‘s successor and I must say he has done an amazing job as the closer. Robertson had one bad outing against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium but he saved 21 games in 23 attempts, not to mention he already has 54 strikeouts on the season, which is the third best in the American League. He had 77 strikeouts all of last season and had 100  strikeouts in his All-Star year in 2011.

What I think was Robertson’s undoing was the resurgence of Dellin Betances. Once Betances came onto the scene and started dominating hitters while on the mound, Robertson was possibly the farthest thing from the fans minds. It also probably didn’t help that the Yankees hadn’t been winning everyday, so Robertson couldn’t really get enough opportunities to come into games. Fans were lucky just to see him in three games during the same week.

Derek Jeter, Masahiro Tanaka and Dellin Betances making the All-Star team was great, but in my honest opinion, David Robertson and Brett Gardner also deserve to be on the team.

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  1. tom says:

    270 is the lowest point of consistency. Gardner offers more than Jeter for Yankees but it is pointless to compare OF to SS. There is a boatload of exciting outcome/players in OF so Gardner is easily overlooked.

    I am on board for Betances over Robertson. No contest there. However, Robertson vs Doolittle does deserve political debate.

    If Yankees needed a sole representative for All Star game then I would pick Betances over Gardner, Jeter and Robertson. That is easy call.

    • tom says:

      To be clear, I held Tanaka for a sake of argument between trio.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I agree with choosing Betances over Gardner, Jeter and Robertson. But for the sake of the Yankees position players, Gardner had been the most consistent and Robertson has been one of the best relievers this season. I know there is a week until the rosters are final and anything could happen (look at Edwin Encarnacion, someone has to replace him) but the fact that Gardner is constantly overlooked when he brings a different dynamic to the game is troubling. If there were a Yankees representative, I'd choose Tanaka over everyone.

      • tom says:

        Even worse, people have been tormenting players that used or connected to steroid but yet Cruz is elected to start All Star game. What popularity?

  2. roy says:

    I hate the notion that ballplayers are selected for the midseason ASG by 1/2 a season's results. To my mind voters should be looking at all of last year as well as the first half of the current season. Betances may be great right now, but he is not a star.

    By the standard of the writer, the records of players who excel in the second half of seasons have no meaning. Change the criteria an you will have a slightly better chance of picking players who are showing some greatness, rather than players who have been hot in April, May and June

  3. Mitch says:

    Fact of the matter is the Yankees are a .500 team. .500 teams don't new to have 4 plus All Stars. Gardner being the best player on the Yankees isn't impressive. This Yankee offense is not good.

    Melky Cabrerra has a bigger gripe of not being there then Gardner does.

    David Robertson isn't the best reliever in that Yankees pen hence the reason he's not there. Probably should though if the Yankees had a better record.

    Derek Jeter is there the same reason Cal Ripkin was there his last year. Jeter's a legend and comparing him to Brett Gardner just isn't smart.

  4. michael says:

    To me, Gardner was a snub, his season his very comparable to the guy who also plays left field and the person who did made it and his name is Alex Gordon……with that being said Cabrera has a gripe as well

  5. michael says:

    I would take Robertson over Glen Perkins on the all star team although Boston fans will gripe about Koji……….to me the one thing that bothers me is that the voting is done way too early

  6. michael says:

    If anyone dares to say that Betances didn't deserve to be on the team, then you're a fool like i said…..Perkins is not an all star shocked he made it plain and simple

  7. Mitch says:

    Perkins is there because the games in Minnisota. And he will only be brought in to face a key lefty in the later innings. The fact this girl is comparing Gardner to Jeter is laughable. I would put Nick Markakis on the All Star Team before I put Gardner on this team. The Orioles are in 1st place, the Yanks are a mediocre .500 team.

    WAR doesn't show how good of a player you are. Shows your value to a team. And Gardners value to the Yankees isn't impressive. They're mediocre with or without him.

  8. michael says:

    Part of me believes that Doolittle is questionable for this team as well although he was voted by the players, Perkins was not, what if Perkins is brought in and all of a sudden the NL sends up a right handed batter to face him instead? Again Perkins is a non deserving all star Robertson has had a better year than him…….Perkins being on the team simply because the game is in Minnesota is comical

  9. olie says:

    All of the teams in MLB have some good players not make all-star game. Tanaka and Betances are having great years and deserve to be there. I could make a case that Ellsbury deserves to go ahead of Gardner. The shame of it is Jeter going and taking the spot of some young guy that may never get another chance!

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