Yankees elaborate on Sabathia, Tanaka and Pineda injuries



Well, the injury bug just keeps biting for the Yankees, the latest blow being CC Sabathia needing knee surgery and missing the rest of the 2014 season. With that being said, here’s an elaborate update on three of the four Yankees pitches currently on the disabled list.

CC Sabathia: After gaining three opinions, the Yankees decided that it would be best if CC Sabathia had surgery to clean his knee. The procedure will be done by Dr. Neal ElAttrache, the Los Angeles Dodgers team physician.

The Yankees had already tried cleaning his knee, but the surgery had failed and with this surgery, the Yankees are beginning to run out of options–and hope.

“We just went through that and it didn’t work,” Cashman said. “So it’s like, do you want to try again on something that just failed or do you just want to go to the next step and try to get it taken care and hopefully have a better storyline next year. But there’s no guarantee.”

Masahiro Tanaka: Masahiro Tanaka had a PRP injection and is now waiting for his symptoms to subside. He clarified to the media, saying that he was experiencing pain in his elbow but he said he feels better.

“It was not soreness, it was pain,” Tanaka said. “That’s why I said something to the trainers. It wasn’t something that was normal, that’s why I had to talk to the trainers and let them know it was something that was not normal. … I still feel it, so it’s gradually getting better but I do still feel it.”

Brian Cashman was told the injection plus the rest and rehab could either make the tear go away completely or just make Tanaka symptom free. Regardless of the situation, the Yankees are still hoping to have Masahiro Tanaka back in six weeks.

Michael Pineda: Hey guys, remember Michael Pineda, the pitcher that hadn’t pitched since April due to a shoulder injury? Well, he’s in Tampa rehabbing–and he’s making progress. It’s gotten to a point where the Yankees have dates set in their minds for Pineda–but they aren’t revealing it to the media.

“He’s throwing very well,” Cashman said. “Larry actually, I think, saw him throw a bullpen down in Florida during the break. He’s doing very well. He’s going through his throwing progression right now. We have actually dates in play that we’re shooting for, but I’d rather not reveal what they are just yet because it seems like once you put them out there, then you have to alter them. Hopefully he’ll be back for us in August.”

Some Notes:

Carlos Beltran has returned from the 7-day concussion disabled list although Beltran said he never felt concussion symptoms during that span.

 “The team was concerned about it, that I was going to have one,” Beltran said. “I didn’t feel nothing. No dizzy, no nothing.”

— The Yankees have announced Shane Greene will start for the Yankees on Monday and Chase Whitley will start for the Yankees on Tuesday.

— How did Joe Girardi feel about the All-Star attention Derek Jeter received?

 “I thought it was great,” Girardi said. “How it was handled, just everything involved. It was a very good game, too, as well. The interview during the game — just how everything was handled. I just thought it was great.”

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