Yankees have limited options at first base


With Mark Teixeira sidelined and Kelly Johnson on the disabled list, the Yankees don’t have many options at first base. For now, the Yankees have Brian McCann as the first basemen, a plan they didn’t anticipate on having when the season began.

“He’s probably going to have to play there a good portion of the time,” Joe Girardi said.

The Yankees have considered Chase Headley, Francisco Cervelli and even Brendan Ryan but for now, the Yankees are without a true first basemen. Brian McCann is comfortable playing at first base but Teixeira’s injury causes uncertainty. Teixeira was supposed to be out of the lineup for three-to-four days and it’s already the third day.

“I think you see how he feels tomorrow, then you make a decision about what would be a target date,” Girardi said. “… I said we would examine him after three or four days to see where the pain is, then if the pain has subsided, maybe you take some next steps. You take some light swings in the cage, and you see. But if the pain hasn’t subsided, then you can’t get to Step Two.”

While the Yankees don’t know about Teixeira’s condition, they do know this: the roster spot currently taken by Chris Leroux is temporary and it’s just until the Yankees bullpen has recovered from their 14 inning marathon. So who will the Yankees call up?

“Could be an outfielder,” Girardi said. “Could be a first baseman.”

The person they call up could solely be based on Mark Teixeira’s condition going forward.

Some Notes

— After last night’s game, which pitchers are unavailable?

“Probably stay away from Warren. Then I’ll have to see about the other guys, how they’re doing.” 

Although David Robertson pitched two innings, Robertson could still come in the game tonight depending on how he feels, and if the Yankees are leading in the game.

— Francisco Cervelli is back behind the plate after playing 14 innings last night. Was there a reason for that?

“Cervy has got a lot of energy, so I think he’ll be fine,” Girardi said.

— Today is Chase Headley’s first full day on the squad. He certainly made a big impression last night when he introduced himself to his teammates and had the walk-off hit–but if you thought he did anything interesting to celebrate, you’re wrong. He spent almost the entire day in his hotel before heading off to work and he didn’t read the newspapers about his walk-off hit last night.

 “I’ve been warned to stay out of those (newspapers),” Headley said. “… My parents first of all, when I started playing baseball, they told me that. But my agent is out of New York, so he gave me the heads up and told me to stay out of it. He actually texted me this morning and told me to look at it, but I’m still staying away from it.”

If he has to stay out of newspapers, can he at least read Yankees blogs? Don’t worry, us writers are friendly (although critical at times) when it comes to the players that are on the teams we write about. So hello Chase, I’ve written nothing but wonderful things about you.

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