Yankees Injury Notes: Tanaka, Beltran, Teixeira, Ellsbury, Pineda


Here is some Yankees injury news as the Yankees begin their three-game set against the Texas Rangers at 8 p.m.

Masahiro Tanaka: Masahiro Tanaka had the PRP injectiona few weeks ago and manager Joe Girardi said Tanaka feels better. Tanaka is currently in New York still receiving treatment and now the Yankees are playing the famous waiting game.

“We’re still waiting for that three-week mark,” Girardi said. “Nothing’s really going to change until the three week mark. He’s staying back and doing treatment every day. He feels better and better. You just kind of wait to see where you are after three weeks.”

Carlos Beltran: Carlos Beltran continues to throw and it could be possible to see him in the outfield by the Yankees next home stand. Beltran threw from 100-120 feet today and is making progress after an arm injury forced him to be the Yankees primary DH.

Mark Teixeira: Mark Teixeira is feeling well enough to rejoin the Yankees lineup but there’s one last test he has to go through before he’s slotted in at first base; live batting practice. Teixeira is going to take batting practice before tomorrow’s game and if he gets through that okay then he’ll be the Yankees first basemen tomorrow.

“If I wake up tomorrow and have back spasms (then it won’t happen),” Teixeira said. “But I don’t expect that to happen. I feel very good right now. I expect to have a very good BP today and be in there tomorrow. … The back spasms are gone, which I’ve been dealing with for a long time, so that’s really good. Good to see that the treatments worked, and the time off helped, so hopefully they won’t come back.”

Jacoby Ellsbury: Now there’s nothing wrong with Jacoby Ellsbury but he was out of the lineup which caused quite a surprising frenzy. He has a normal day off and Brett Gardner is playing CF tonight. Joe Girardi said Gardner is going to probably get a day off some time this series before the Yankees head to Boston for their three game showdown against the Red Sox.

 “This long stretch — the heat, the day games, the 14-inning game — I don’t want one of these guys to get hurt. They’re really important to our lineup. So maybe Gardy will get a day off. Maybe he won’t, but maybe he will.”

Michael Pineda: Michael Pineda is slated to pitch a three-inning game tomorrow. Joe Girardi’s unsure whether it’s a rehab game or a simulated game but the important thing is Pineda is getting stretched out. Pineda’s next outing could be four innings followed by five innings. If Pineda gets stretched out, he might not go to the minor league for rehab starts.

 “As long as he feels good and is throwing the ball well, there’d be no reason not to bring him back,” Girardi said. “It’s the same as spring training. You build them up, when they’re ready to go, you send them.”

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2 Responses to Yankees Injury Notes: Tanaka, Beltran, Teixeira, Ellsbury, Pineda

  1. Michael R says:

    Too bad Joe has to manage with a 600 lb. gorilla named "Mr. Injury" waiting to jump on his back. Probably at no time the remainder of the season will he be able to repeatedly send his best players out to compete. Unfortunate.

  2. Bomber4life says:

    Uh, it's pretty amazing for any pro baseball player to play everyday or every week year after year without sustaining some kind of injury. Have you heard of repetitive stress injuries? Even the most fit athletes get hurt especially the ones that play hard. Even golfers get hurt.

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