Yankees sign LHP Rich Hill


Just because there’s no baseball tonight, it doesn’t mean the Yankees aren’t making moves. Their most recent move just won’t have a big impact on the team.

According to Chad Jennings of the LoHud Yankees blog, the Yankees have signed LHP Rich Hill ad have sent him to Scranton Wilkes-Barre. He last pitched with the Los Angeles Angels and according to BaseballReference.com, he gave up so many runs in two games, his ERA was ‘inf’. Overall in his career he has a 4.75 ERA in 462. 2 innings.

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6 Responses to Yankees sign LHP Rich Hill

  1. Stuart Phillips says:

    That's cashman big move.

    • chris says:

      Cashman has another13 days to put together a quality addition to the Yankees. Good bye top prospects as usual. Not ever y giveaway is going to be a Montero for Pineda luck -out.

  2. John says:

    Gotta watch that Cashmen he can. Catch lightning in a bottle.

  3. Greg says:

    Cashmans time to go and get rid of girardi while you're at it

  4. Angel torres says:

    I think its time that everyone go. The Steinbrenner sons own team now and could use a fresh new staff. Like their actual first, i believe most coaches were there since the old man was owner and its time these guys start over

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Cashman has become an expert at these kind of deals. Cashman should call Ricky Henderson out of retirement to play third base. Ricky probably can hit 200 with a 350+ OBP. Thinking about the Yankees, there must be something wrong with the staff. Nova, Tommy John surgery; CC knee; Tanaka, maybe ruined; Pineda, maybe ruined. Beltran is case in point. Beltran has a bone spur and cannot throw. Do Yankees DH him permanently? No, 10-15 days later they start him on a "throwing program." Why risk it? Now the Yankees want to rush Beltran back. Why? Until Beltran proves he can hit, he should be a PT DH only. I would have McCann DH some and Cervilli catch, as Cervilli hits 270 and that is important on this team. Also, Tex is playing hurt and needs to DH some (which is obvious except to the Yankees).

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