Gardner hopes it’s not too little, too late as Yanks fight for playoff spot


Taking two out of three against the Tampa Bay Rays was a huge deal. It put the Yankees in a position to still be in the Wild Card hunt and they have a month and a half to compete before the regular season is over. However, the Yankees have their flaws: their bullpen is slightly inconsistent due to being overused and the Yankees offense has struggled to score more than two runs a game (in the last two days, the Yankees scored seven runs so they’re making progress).

Following yesterday’s game, you would expect the Yankees to pat each other on the back for taking two out of three from the Rays, a series they had to win. Instead the Yankees, mainly Brett Gardner, knew this was more about self-awareness on where they are in the playoff race.

“If we had lost one or two of the last two (games), then we’d be in a much worse position than we’re in right now,” Gardner said. “We’re not where we would like to be, but we’re not far away either. A good week and things can turn around in a hurry. We’ve just got to stay positive and keep working hard. Hopefully our pitchers will keep throwing the ball well, and we’ll come together and score some runs. Hopefully it’s not too little, too late.”

The Yankees are hopeful they can finish August and September on a high note, but the keyword is ‘hopeful’. The Yankees have been on a roller coaster all season, and you have to wonder whether or not they’re able to be consistently good enough to put up a good fight. There’s 40 games left until the end of the season, and this is where the Yankees need to make their mark.

“I think for the most part we’ve got our full lineup together and healthy,” Gardner said. “I think we’re in a pretty good spot. We’ve just got to play up to expectations.”

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4 Responses to Gardner hopes it’s not too little, too late as Yanks fight for playoff spot

  1. mikefoxtrot says:

    taking 2 of 3 in Tampa is NOT such a big deal….

    seems to me that winning 2/3rds of the remaining games won't be good enough and they're gonna have to win about 3 out of every 4 games to get into the playoffs,

    • Gary E. Mank says:

      If the Yankees are fortunate enough to win 2/3rds of the games they have left, they will be in the playoffs.

  2. Robert Rufa says:

    One inescapable truism about success in any sport: you have to score more than the other team. When I coached soccer I told my kids that you only need one goal to win, but then you had to shut out the other team. By god they did too, thanks in large part to a center back we called Thunderfoot.

    Overall, except for the occasional implosion, the Yankee starting rotation has been surprisingly effective–especially since it's been cobbled together in unexpected ways. It is indeed the offense that's let the team down, and I think Girardi could have used some of his players more effectively as the season wore on. Gardner, for instance, is proving to be more than just a lead-off guy, and I could see him batting second or even third. Although he hasn't had many at bats, Cervelli is managing to maintain around .300 and is hitting the occasional double and homer. Despite his age, Suzuki does manage to get on base a fair amount. Meanwhile, Tex may have 20 homers, but how many of them have been clutch? And how often does he fail in the clutch? If I were Girardi, I'd make some adjustments and if something works stick to it for the rest of the year. And let's not settle for just winning in the first round–if we get a wild card spot, let's at least go for the AL pennant.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    I can believe Beltran's arm is hurt but cannot still understand why the Yankees wanted him in RF. Well, they got 3 games or so. Is it because Drew (hitting 175) needs to play SS? The Yankees have had 2 years of bad luck and also very bad decisions making everything worse. Who permitted Tanaka to bust his arm and wouldn't rest him? Who let Pineda on the mound with pine tar on his neck or simply failed to correct it? Who put Beltran in RF when he was finally hitting a little as DH? Who traded for Prado to play RF? Who traded for a .175 hitting SS and had him play 2B? Could the list go on? I have never seen a team so mismanaged?

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