Indians vs. Yankees pitching matchups


Friday, August 8
Yankees: Esmil Rogers (1-0, 5.84 ERA)
Indians: Trevor Bauer (4-6, 4.20 ERA)
Time: 7:05 p.m.
T.V./Radio: YES Network/WFAN

Who’s Hot vs. Bauer: Martin Prado (1-for-1, 1.000), Jacoby Ellsbury, Ichiro Suzuki & Mark Teixeira (1-for-3, .333 AVG), Chase Headley (2-for-6, .333 AVG), Brian McCann (2-for-5, .400 AVG)

Who’s Not vs. Bauer: Brett Gardner (0-for-6, .000), Derek Jeter (0-for-3, .000 AVG)

Saturday, August 9
Yankees: Brandon McCarthy (4-0, 2.08 ERA)
Indians: Corey Kluber (12-6, 2.55 ERA)
Time: 1:05 p.m.
T.V./Radio: FOX Sports 1/WFAN

Who’s Hot vs. Kluber: Brett Gardner (2-for-3, .667 AVG), Jacoby Ellsbury (2-for-5, .400 AVG), Derek Jeter (1-for-2, .500 AVG)

Who’s Not vs. Kluber: Stephen Drew (2-for-9, .222 AVG), Chase Headley (0-for-3, .000 AVG), Martin Prado (0-for-1, .000 AVG), Mark Teixeira (0-for-6, .000 AVG)

Sunday, August 10
Yankees: Hiroki Kuroda (7-7, 3.97 ERA)
Indians: Josh Tomlin (5-8, 4.75 ERA)
Time: 1:05 p.m.
T.V./Radio: YES Network/WFAN

Who’s Hot vs. Tomlin: Brett Gardner (2-for-6, .333 AVG), Mark Teixeira (4-for-13, .308 AVG)

Who’s Not vs. Tomlin: Stephen Drew (0-for-3, .000 AVG), Jacoby Ellsbury (3-for-15, .200 AVG), Brian McCann (0-for-2, .000 AVG), Brendan Ryan (1-for-9, .111 AVG)

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