Kelley: Yankees should look at second wild card spot


There’s a fine line between being honest and being slapped in the face with a dose of harsh reality, and it’s more troublesome when a player on your favorite team is the one slapping the fans in the face by telling them not to focus on the AL East lead. Shawn Kelley at the time knew he was just being honest, but it didn’t help that he contributed to the Yankees woes.

Last night during post game, Kelley said the following statement:

“I think we’re looking more at the second wild-card spot. That’s a little bit better number, it’s a little more achievable at this point.”

Kelley makes a valid point: The Yankees are eight games out of first place and the AL East is becoming an unbelievable task. However, what probably would irk the fans is Kelley was the one who blew the tied game last night. His job was to get the Yankees to the ninth inning in a tie. He failed.

“We had a lead late, and that’s one thing we’ve done well as a whole as a bullpen,” Kelley said during last night’s post game. “A lot of that’s on me tonight.”

While I appreciate Kelley’s honesty on where the Yankees are currently at, he probably could have done without actually saying the Yankees should focus on the Wild Card…especially since he was the one partly at fault.

Here’s some future advice: leave all that to Joe Girardi, Shawn. It hurts less when it comes from the manager.

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2 Responses to Kelley: Yankees should look at second wild card spot

  1. tom says:

    It really becomes an extreme difficult to hide all certainties that lead Yankees out of American East champ and first wild card spot.

  2. Celerino says:

    Hey Shawn Kelly, the Yankees should look at relievers who can keep runners from scoring.

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