Martin Prado gives Yankees flexibility on the diamond

Martin+Prado+Chicago+Cubs+v+Arizona+Diamondbacks+led9u4K9WVml When the Yankees traded for Martin Prado, Joe Girardi said he would be their primary right fielder. However, right field isn’t the only position Prado knows how to play: he knows how to play all the infield positions without a single problem.

In other words, he’s their own version of Tampa Bay Rays player Ben Zobrist.

“He helps a lot because of the uncertainty of what we have at the middle and at third base,” Joe Girardi said. “Zobrist probably plays more positions, but they’re very much the same in that you feel you can move them all around.”

“I think it’s a fair comparison,” Mark Teixeira said. Teixeira  played with Prado in Atlanta in 2007-08. “Especially in today’s game with all the injuries, you need to be able to move guys around a little bit and be above average wherever they go. Martin can do that.”

Prado provides the Yankees some flexibility in the infield with his ability to start in all four infield positions, but he also knows how to play every position well, something few teams have in their arsenal.

“He’s an everyday player that can play everywhere,” said Brian McCann, who played with Prado while with the Braves from 2006-12. “Those guys are so valuable. He plays all the positions at a high level; he’s Gold Glove-caliber in the outfield, he’s Gold Glove-caliber in the infield — and he rakes.”

Prado, 30, is signed for two more seasons and if Carlos Beltran can return to the outfield and if Alex Rodriguez returns from his suspension, Prado plans to be the Yankees every day second basemen. It’s just nice to know that the Yankees have a player that could play almost everywhere on the diamond without a problem at all. Maybe that will bring down the error count just a little bit.

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4 Responses to Martin Prado gives Yankees flexibility on the diamond

  1. I think almost everyone would much prefer Rodriguez not return (buyout) & for Headley to blossom and return as our 3B.

    • tom says:

      After watching Headley playing defense, I feel like I tell Arod to take a hike. I don't mind another Scott Brosius. Strong defense with solid pop.

  2. tom says:

    I would like to see Prado to play SS few games this season. Drew is already known for solid SS but he becomes a free agent after this season. It could help process some decision-making for Cashman and company.

  3. olie says:

    If Arod does come back next year (Hope he does) I would think he would DH, if they can resign Headley!

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