Masahiro Tanaka has “general arm soreness”, flies back to New York


I’ll cover this more in depth during the pregame notes, but this is what we have on the situation so far.

The New York Yankees announced Masahiro Tanaka has general arm soreness and is flying back to New York for ‘strength and conditioning’. Tanaka says the soreness isn’t in his elbow, but he believes the general soreness is because he hasn’t built up his arm strength. He claims he prefers to work out at Yankee Stadium versus the Rogers Centre workout training room and that’s the reason he’s flying back to New York. He’s not slated to meet a doctor while in New York but as we’ve learned, plans do change.

So the Yankees are sending Tanaka back to work out at Yankee Stadium…and that’s the story they’re sticking with. Okay then.

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3 Responses to Masahiro Tanaka has “general arm soreness”, flies back to New York

  1. How many setbacks until he and the Yankees just send him for Tommy John surgery?

  2. Jack Marlin says:


  3. Robert says:

    I'm not surprised. The Yankee organization needs to stop mismanaging and messing with Tanaka's health. They're only going to ruin the great pitcher he is, in an effort to win a single world series. Sign him up for surgery, let him heal and then use him to win multiple games and world series. Or they could ruin his career now.

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