Masahiro Tanaka slated to play catch tomorrow


The Yankees overcame a small hurdle with Michael Pineda‘s rehab start but today, they have more good news on the injury front: Masahiro Tanaka will throw a baseball tomorrow. Joe Girardi played coy with the news but someone in the Yankees clubhouse confirmed Tanaka would play catch.

“We’ll see tomorrow what everyone wants to do with him,” Girardi said. “But as we said, three weeks is the mark. His doctor (has checked him), he feels good, so we’ll see what we do. … Catch or no catch. Those are about the two options.”

Very Shakespearean, Mr. Girardi. But back to matters at hand, even if all goes well with Masahiro Tanaka, he’s still ways away from returning to the Yankees rotation.

“It’s not starting all over because he’s been built up,” Girardi said. “But it’ll be probably (playing catch at) 60 feet, and then 60 and 90, and 90 and 120, then flat ground and bullpen and probably a rehab game. … I think Brian (Cashman), when it happened, he said September (is Tanaka’s likely return).”

Some Notes

— This is the first time the Yankees have all the new regulars in the lineup since the trade deadline. This will be the lineup the Yankees will use going forward.

— The Yankees have been thrilled with the work Chase Headley has put in at third base. Brian Cashman said he was expecting Chase Headley to be an ‘average’ third basemen, but instead he’s been everything the Yankees have dreamed of on the defensive front.

 “His defense has been spectacular,” Girardi said. “And the play he made yesterday to end the game was a really, really difficult play. The ball took a bad hop and it almost took his hat off. So he’s played a great third base.”

— Another player who’s played a great infield is Stephen Drew. Not bad for a player who hasn’t played the position since he was 15 years old.

“He’s looked pretty good to me,” Girardi said. “He’s seemed to make the plays that he needs to make. He seems to be in the spots where he needs to be. So far, so good.”


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