Michael Pineda returns to the mound tonight

Michael Pineda 3

The last time we saw Michael Pineda, he was ejected from a Major League game due to a pine tar incident against the Boston Red Sox. He was initially suspended just 10 games, but when he tried to throw a side session while he was suspended, he felt something in his teres major muscle, causing him to miss a significant amount of time on the disabled list. Tonight, the Yankees are going to see Pineda make his first start as he returns from the DL against the first place Baltimore Orioles.

The Yankees are already seven games in back of first place against the Orioles and with having Michael Pineda back in the fold, the rotation will somewhat begin to take form; the only Yankee pitcher that came out of Spring Training and is still healthy is Hiroki Kuroda (although Kuroda will miss his next start because the Yankees feel he could use the rest).

CC Sabathia and Ivan Nova are both slated to return sometime next season and Masahiro Tanaka is aiming for a September return after having a very small tear in his UCL. The Yankees were able to get Pineda back although there were moments of uncertainty…maybe things are beginning to look up for the Bronx Bombers on the injury front. However, lets not get too ahead of ourselves–let’s start with tonight and Michael Pineda returning. Baby steps, guys. Baby steps.

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