Michael Pineda to start Wednesday

Michael Pineda 3

In my pitching matchup post, I had both Esmil Rogers and Michael Pineda listed as starters for Wednesday’s game. That was simply because Joe Girardi hadn’t announced who was starting prior to the post. Girardi had made his decision and he said Michael Pineda will come off the disabled list on Wednesday and will start the series finale against the Baltimore Orioles.

The original plan was for Pineda to pitch in one more rehab start, but after the injury to David Phelps, the Yankees decided to let Pineda make his next start in Baltimore. With Pineda making the start, Esmil Rogers will go to the Yankees bullpen.

Oh, and for those interested, Pineda was asked if he was going to use pine tar in his start on Wednesday and he said no. Funny I should mention that because the pine tar game where Pineda was ejected was the last time we saw him. Oh how time flies.

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2 Responses to Michael Pineda to start Wednesday

  1. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Three games out the playoffs and plenty games remaining, it's not over, but mgmt needs to call the right numbers. Go with your best talent, not an order of sequence. Cervelli, Romine, JR Murphy and Sanchez. Hello, go with Sanchez. RF, go with Austin. Don't need Ryan and Suzuki is 40!

  2. chuck says:

    Why would this man pitcher be of any interest to any of us per the playoffs. The Yankees under the sons of S , have traded major league prospects away that would have made them a playoff team . This includes many MLP that are playing for other teams . The trade that brought this pitcher meant giving up on a young catcher who had the bat and glove to

    be the catcher of the future instead of the .230 hitter they have now for big money. The Yankee organization is poor . J G their manager ,stupidly asks for experienced players with a young 2nd baseman bitting .260 and showing he can be better . A rookie .

    What do you thing the late Jerry Coldman hit -.265 or something like this . The Yankee have no .300 hitters . The former 2nd baseman of the Yankees Serrano said of the manager JG that he was on him . The best player JG is on his case . Look ,JG is at best

    an average manager and this too is not up to Yankee standards . There is no future young players on the Yankees maybe with the exception of Garner who is a best , a good player , who selectively swings at good pitches . Listen to me talk about a player who selectively swings at good pitches and therefore has a decent average as if this was wonderful instead of what one would expect of all of the Yankee daily players . This is what is wrong with this club .

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