Red-hot Ellsbury forced to sit due to twisted ankle


Jacoby Ellsbury limped into the Yankees clubhouse on Saturday morning, so judging from the way he came in, it was pretty obvious he wasn’t going to play. I’m sure you’d agree, with Monday’s off day (which I didn’t know the Yankees had until I checked my calendar this morning), that it’d be a great time to have Ellsbury have a day off. But…it’s not. Ellsbury had been red-hot within the last two weeks and a lineup without Ellsbury means the Yankees have to look for offense elsewhere.

The Yankees aren’t having trouble finding offense other than Ellsbury, but they’re going to miss Ellsbury’s .455 average since August 11th. They’re also going to miss Ellsbury’s 37 stolen bases and not to mention his career numbers against Drew Hutchison, where he’s hitting .455 with five hits and no strikeouts.

In the meantime, the Yankees have put original lead-off man Brett Gardner back in the lead-off spot and Gardner gets to play his original position in center field. Although the Yankees seem to be clicking with their offense, it’s no lie they’ll need Ellsbury back soon. In the middle of an important pennant chase, Ellsbury unfortunately chose the wrong time to miss games in a race to win a playoff spot.

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2 Responses to Red-hot Ellsbury forced to sit due to twisted ankle

  1. vavoom says:

    Not sure he really chose to miss time. Ellsbury game is based primarily on his wheels. Better to get him right then risk losing him for the rest of season. Just a question, when will tex and his 220 ba be dropped in the lineup. He is at this point no better than a 7 hole (maybe 6) hitter.

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