Reviewing the Yankees trade transactions


Throughout July, the Yankees had made multiple transactions with hopes of making the team better and turning them into a contending (possibly wild card) team. Let’s look at every trade the Yankees made this month and weigh in.

July 6, 2014

The New York Yankees have acquired RHP Brandon McCarthy and cash considerations from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for LHP Vidal Nuno.

Every way you look at it, Brandon McCarthy was a good deal for the Yankees. Vidal Nuno honestly was a better bullpen piece and wasn’t made out to be a starter in New York; the only reason he made the rotation was because of the injuries to Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda. With McCarthy, the Yankees get a quality ground ball pitcher who can give the Yankees length.

July 22, 2014

The New York Yankees have acquired switch-hitting 3B Chase Headley and cash considerations from the San Diego Padres in exchange for INF Yangervis Solarte and RHP Rafael De Paula.

Yangervis Solarte was a feel good story for the first two months of the season, but when the Yankees saw an opportunity to snag Chase Headley, they took it. Headley is having a down year and has been battling a back injury but he plays an impeccable third base and has power, something the Yankees need. Brian Cashman said Headley is basically auditioning for a spot on the ball club next season (along with Prado and Drew), and so far he has impressed. I wouldn’t mind seeing Headley return on a small multi-year deal as the third basemen and Alex Rodriguez (if he returns) as the DH.

July 24, 2014

The New York Yankees have announced they have acquired LHP Chris Capuano from the Colorado Rockies in exchange for cash considerations.

Chris Capuano only made one start for the Yankees so far, but I like this deal. He’s a veteran pitcher who knows how to pitch. He doesn’t throw overly hard, but he has an amazing pick-off move, one that could possibly challenge Andy Pettitte‘s. It’d be nice to see if he can continue his one good start for the duration of the season.

July 31, 2014

The New York Yankees have acquired SS Stephen Drew and cash consideration from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for INF Kelly Johnson.

Stephen Drew’s not having the best year–but neither was Kelly Johnson. Johnson never really had a prominent role on the team; he first lost his job to Yangervis Solarte, then regained it when Solarte struggled and then lost his job again to Chase Headley. With Stephen Drew, they know they have a good defensive infielder. He’s going to play second base going forward, but I would not hesitate to have him play shortstop and Brendan Ryan play second base should Derek Jeter need a day off.

July 31, 2014

The New York Yankees have acquired INF Martin Prado from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for minor leaguer Peter O’Brien and either cash considerations or a player to be named later.

Martin Prado is going to play RF for the duration of the season, so that means Ichiro Suzuki goes back to being the fourth outfielder. Prado has a decent bat and can play the infield, so he’s another option the Yankees have if Derek Jeter needs a day off. Peter O’Brien was an interesting player to trade away, but in the end the Yankees made the right choice. He had a good year in Double-A and the Yankees were able to capitalize on that to get a major league infielder.

Final Verdict: Brian Cashman didn’t have a lot of pieces to trade away, but he was able to get upgrades on the players he already had on the roster. Brandon McCarthy is an upgrade to Vidal Nuno, Chase Headley is an upgrade to Yangervis Solarte, Chris Capuano is an upgrade to Chase Whitley, Stephen Drew is an upgrade to Brian Roberts and Martin Prado is an upgrade to Kelly Johnson. I’ll end this post with this: Good job, Brian Cashman. Now let’s see if these deals can pay off and earn the Yankees at least a wild card spot.

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11 Responses to Reviewing the Yankees trade transactions

  1. Kevin Schappert says:

    Prado is versatile and a solid defender and hitter. Nice job by Cashman cleaning up some of the mess from the offseason moves.

    • Pisano says:

      Let's not pat Prado on the back until he starts doing something. So far he appears to be in the same boat with the two they sent packing. I know it's early for him, but he seems like a strike out guy, I hope I'm wrong.

  2. WMerante says:

    Drew is a waste of a roster spot-I'd rather have Roberts or Johnson.
    Giving up O'Brien was stupid. Bring up some kids!

  3. roy says:

    Roberts and Johnson were wastes of roster spots.

    Maybe Drew will be a waste. Unknown.

    O'Brien can pound the rock. He did not have a position and was not learning the strike zone. Unknown.

  4. gcorcoran says:

    I like the Drew move, but the Yankees have Jose Pirela sitting in Triple-A right now who is a possible solution at 2B while Refsnyder waits in the wings. I like Pirela, and if he comes up and pulls a Yangervis Solarte the Yankees will have some trade bait in the offseason. With Drew, they have nothing really.

    • This way the Yankees can see if they like having Drew around and if it doesn't work out they can always call up Pirela next season. Brian Cashman always stockpiles before dumping guys to give the rookies a chance.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Prado is a decent player based on stats but his hitting is an asset only if he plays 2b or 3b. Drew is a waste of a roster space who does not play 2b nor hit for average or power. While Johnson plays 2b routinely before this year and hits for more (still woeful average) and some power. Odd trade at best. Pirela should play 2b. Watch Prado play RF.

    • Kelly Johnson has a .382 slugging percentage over the last 3 years. What power are you referring to? Johnson was a DFA candidate and probably would have been gone weeks ago if the Yankees had even a halfway decent backup first baseman. I cannot see even a sliver of downside to that trade even if Drew is a complete bust that costs them 10 games with poor defense.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    Rob, the trade is a waste of time. I would have DFA Johnson and brought up Pirela. However, Drew is worse than Johnson this year, which is difficult to do I admit.

  7. SAM says:


  8. PJM54 says:

    The trade for Drew will prove to be a wise one, he is a plus defender and can put the ball in play with some power. Overall the small moves made this team better and hopefully keep them in the race. Question, does anyone else think that Garden & Ells should switch places in the batting order, Gardner showing more power and RBI potential and Ells better suited to leadoff.

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