Roster Moves: Wheeler, Almonte, Prado


Here’s a few minor moves before tonight’s game. I’ll be back with the pre-game notes in a little bit.

— The Yankees have announced they have optioned Zelous Wheeler and Zoilo Almonte back to Triple-A Scranton to make a roster move for Stephen Drew and Martin Prado. Kelly Johnson being traded to Boston cleared a spot for Esmil Rogers.

— The Yankees also announce which numbers the three new Yankees will wear: Rogers will wear 53, Drew will wear 33 and Prado will wear 14. So I guess 33 and 14 aren’t being retired for Brian Roberts and Johnson after all.

— Martin Prado isn’t in the starting lineup for the Yankees because he wasn’t in the clubhouse when Joe Girardi made the lineup card. Girardi said it’s possible Prado could pinch-hit later in the game but he wasn’t going to change the lineup because Prado arrived late.

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6 Responses to Roster Moves: Wheeler, Almonte, Prado

  1. JSkillet says:

    Ya know..I had subscribed to this site because you guys have in depth reporting and in the past have been professional instead of resorting to NY Post style journalism to try and get laughs. Yet it saddens me to see this when you take a player like Brian Roberts who did everything he could to help this team win, and did on a few occasions and make light of his time here like he was some joke player. I will try to chalk it up to one bad, and where is the criticism for Cashman? the guy is off his rocker

    • Brian Roberts hit .237/.300/.360 with the Yankees and played poor defense. His WAR is 0.0. Can anybody help me out here?

      • JSkillet says:

        Yet with those numbers he was still one of our most consistent hitters and was always on base. Stop using those stupid pretend stats to try and justify what you think is a valid argument. The guy went out there day in and day out and gave 110% which is what everyone cried about with Cano..yet nobody notices and does nothing but bitch which goes to show that a majority of fans are completely clueless and are only happy when they are complaining

        • Those numbers are batting average (4th worst on the team this season), on base percentage (3rd worst on the team), and slugging percentage (3rd worst on the team). After the Yankees released Alfonso Soriano, Brian Roberts was easily the worst player on the team.

        • olie says:

          When he was first acquired I thought what a good signing for Cashman to make as Roberts had been a premier leadoff hitter with good speed and a decent glove but it appears father time or injuries from his past have taken it's toll on him as he hasn't hit and his defence has cost the Yanks this year. But I agree with you that he always seemed to give a full effort!

  2. tom says:

    Cashman is a good GM because he rejected the Bryan Mitchell for Dustin Ackley trade.

    Simple. lol.

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