Should the Yankees now focus on the Wild Card?

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With the New York Yankees loss to the Boston Red Sox last night, they are now six games behind the Baltimore Orioles and four games behind the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League standings. The Yankees plans for an American League East title are going out the window–but they still have a chance to make the playoffs if they shift their focus from the AL East…to the AL Wild Card.

Sure, the Yankees haven’t been performing well this season but believe it or not, the second Wild Card is in their reach. Before yesterday’s game, they were only 3.5 games out of the Wild Card spot and if the Yankees can get on another hot streak, then it’s entirely possible for them to win the second Wild Card┬áspot.

Sure, a one-game playoff isn’t ideal for the Yankees considering everything is on the line, but with the Yankees losing and the Orioles surging, they’re running out of options. The key to the Yankees focusing on the Wild Card is getting the most out of their players, and the Yankees playing like the Yankees, but if they can get on a roll in Boston and have a winning home stand against the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians, the Yankees winning a Wild Card spot could actually be a possibility.

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9 Responses to Should the Yankees now focus on the Wild Card?

  1. Roy says:

    What is the the difference in focusing on the Wild Card vs focusing on the division? Will the Yankees play differently depending upon what they're focusing upon?

    • tom says:

      The difference is nobody think Yankees could win the division so wild card spot may be our only hope to finish the season as a playoff team.

      1- Division champ.
      2- First wild card spot.
      3- Second wild card spot.

      Orioles and Blue Jays are aboard as of right now. That leaves one spot open and Yankees could focus on this spot if they could not get ahead of either Orioles or Blue Jays.

      Still, Yankees should focus on divisional spot because to make it happen Yankees have to push Orioles and/or Blue Jays out of way unconditionally to get better chance to be a playoff team.

  2. INVICTUSpk says:

    This is painful "reporting". Lets Focus on the 2nd Wild Card Spot rather than Winning the East…Are you kidding me? If my memory serves me correctly (sarcasm) both get you into the Post Season. While I'd obviously prefer avoiding a 1 game Playoff in the event of "only" getting a Wild Card spot, I don't think Joe Girardi is in the clubhouse telling his Team, "Hey boys, lets forget about Division & just set our sights a little lower." You play to Win every day, & if there's enough W's after game 162, then you move on…regardless if it's a Division Title or one of the 2 Wild Card spots.

    • Steve B. says:

      I agree, you focus on winning the "next game". One game at a time. You have no control of games you're not playing…..How does a team focus on the wild card OR the division title ?…you still have to focus on winning the games you play in regardless.

      • tom says:

        This article surely does not suggest Yankees gives up the division title at all. When in doubt for division title shot, Yankees could focus on a playoff spot right now. Once you hold a wild card spot right now, you go for better spot in the playoff picture if you have opportunity.

        It is basically the same as one game a time.

  3. Heri says:

    Just win as much as possible, and see where it gets.

  4. Anthony defranco says:

    Once they get some pitching back I think we're better then any team in the east we have to try to win every series it's all about pitching and WiNning one Run games we still have best

  5. Anthony defrannco says:

    PinadAWee need are pitcherS any yank fan wild card we want it all I've Been Yankees fan since9years old we want a ring MLB Hate the yanks Harold Banes how the hell is he and wid thing his English he shouldn't be on live tv. He says ain't every there all Yankee haters they were never good enough to play in newyork

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