This is the wrong time for bad news


Jacoby Ellsbury 10

For the last few weeks, the Yankees hottest hitter has been Jacoby Ellsbury, but if there’s anything we learned this season is that nothing can really go right for the Yankees. Ellsbury suffered a sprained ankle and if it were earlier in the season, Joe Girardi would have placed him on the disabled list. The only thing stopping Girardi from placing Ellsbury on the disabled list is the rosters expand on Tuesday (Monday is an off-day for the Yankees).

With Ellsbury on the shelf for the next few days (the ankle injury is that serious), the Yankees can’t afford to lose anything else. They can’t afford to lose games, they can’t afford to lose their players and they can’t afford to fall further behind in the Wild Card Race. As of this morning, they’re tied with the Cleveland Indians and are 3.5 games back behind the Detroit Tigers for the second Wild Card spot.

This season has had hits high moments and it’s had it’s low points, and just when the Yankees were making the fans believers in a Wild Card chase, they’re beginning to lose almost everything they ever worked for. There are 28 games left and those are 28 games the Yankees need to win if they want to have a chance to win their 28th World Series Championship. At this point in the season,┬áthis is a bad time for the Yankees to toy with the emotions of the fans–whether it’s good or bad.


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2 Responses to This is the wrong time for bad news

  1. tom says:

    Yeah… McCann had hot streak when he suffered concussion. Beltran had too. Now, Ellsbury with bum ankle.

    Hey! Kelly Johnson just joins with third AL East team this year. Amazing.

    Yankees should go after Jimmy Rollins. Play him at 2b and Prado at LF if Ellsbury could not play key games.

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