Top 50 Yankees Prospects 2014: Where they would have ranked

dellin betancesIf the top 50 had included rookies, or players who have had some time in the major leagues and have since been sent down, many wonder where they would have ranked on the Bronx Baseball Daily top 50 Yankees prospects.

Here’s how it breaks down.

1. Masahiro Tanaka – Hopefully the injury isn’t too serious. He’s an ace when healthy, and there’s no question about it, he would be the top prospect in the system if eligible.

5. Dellin Betances – he’s a monster and a strikeout machine out of the bullpen. This year he’s shown that he has future closer potential. That type of ceiling is huge and cannot be ignored.

8. JR Murphy – has had a fine season when called upon as the backup catcher for the Yankees. Since Cervelli’s return, Murphy has been back in Triple-A and his numbers have improve there as well. Long term Murphy looks like he will be a solid if not serviceable starting catcher. He has the defensive chops and he could end up being above average offensively. If the power really develops, then he could be even more valuable.

12. Shane Greene – Once the Yankees gave him a steady role this year he took off and started producing the same way he did last year. Now he’s in the majors and he’s already helping the team. The best part is his stuff is really good too. He may only get better.

17. David Phelps – Turning in another solid season. Logging a bunch of innings for the Yankees and fitting in nicely as a back end starter. There’s a ton of value in that and 17 actually might even be a bit low for him.

18. Adam Warren – Warren has been fantastic in the back end of the bullpen for the Yankees. He’s consistent, gets strikeouts, and doesn’t put people on base. He has long term late inning reliever written all over him.

20. Jose Ramirez – Ramirez has struggled a bit this season, and as usual, has had some difficulty staying healthy. That said he is definitely a weapon out of the bullpen. If he can find some consistency he’s yet another late inning option.

29. Zoilo Almonte – getting a bit old now, and is starting to seem like a long term 4th or 5th outfielder, or worse yet a AAAA player. He is still doing really well in Triple-A though, and it’s tough to knock the guy when the Yankees haven’t given him much of an extended look this year. Now with Prado coming in the trade, I doubt if he gets much playing time going forward.

45. Chase Whitley – He enjoyed his 15 seconds of fame, and has done a really nice job filling in for the Yankees as a starter when needed. He is a good candidate for the role of swing man, since he can provide multiple innings in relief. This role can produce valuable players if done well.

Unranked: Austin Romine and Preston Claiborne.

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