Yankees are running out of time (and fast)


The Yankees are a team that tend to get on a hot and cold streak. They’d either be red-hot and thriving or ice-cold and lethargic. The Yankees recently are on an ice-cold streak and they chose the wrong time to do so. There are only 41 games left in the 2014 season and the Yankees don’t have the room to suddenly fall further behind in the Wild Card race.

The Yankees know that they’re struggling and they know that September is right around the corner which prompted Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner to say this following last night’s 5-0 loss against the Tampa Bay Rays:

“We’re running out of time. Every day that goes by and we don’t win makes us one step closer to being home at the end of September.”

Gardner has been the most consistent bat in the Yankees lineup but he’s currently in a little funk. It’d be completely understandable…if everyone else in the lineup wasn’t going through the same funk as well. Gardner is usually the Yankees spark plug and who knows, maybe his words will be a wake up call to his team. If they play poorly, they will go home at the end of September. If they can step it up, they might have a chance at the second Wild Card spot. It all depends how the Yankees decide to play from here on out.

The Yankees missed out on the playoffs last season when Mariano Rivera decided to retire–and it might happen again with Derek Jeter following right behind his fellow Core Four member. It would be a shame if Derek Jeter’s final game was the last game of the regular season.

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3 Responses to Yankees are running out of time (and fast)

  1. Yankees223 says:

    It seems as if some of these old guys want to go home at the end of September back to their families, etc. Their hearts aren't in the game. Especially Tex who finds every excuse not to play. It's a 9-5 job for them, and they are sneaking out at four.

  2. Robert Rufa says:

    Unless there's a sudden infusion of magic, for all practical purposes the season is over for this Yankee team. They need to be thinking a lot harder about next year, put some of the failing regulars who are suffering from severe ineffectiveness on the DL, and let some of the Triple-A talent have a little seasoning time in the Show.

    Meanwhile, Jeter is often criticized for being a singles hitter, but so what. Maybe because of that he should be leading off–especially since Gardner is hitting with more power than is typical for lead-off hitters. I would make sure Cervelli stayed in the lineup to see if he has the makings of a starting big-league catcher, give Drew a little more time to adjust (maybe he'll be more comfortable overall next year once he takes over shortstop), and let Suzuki at least finish out the year in right. He does get on, after all. But at this point I can't see any of the rest of them ever figuring into a contending Yankee team.

    I've been a fan since 1949, and it pains me to see my beloved Yankees floundering this way. I went through that for an extended time after the glory days of the '50s ended, and that was enough. It would be nice if they were at least competitive one more time before I check out.

  3. tom says:

    Beltran to play at RF this evening. It smells a doomsday for Yankees. ha!

    I find it hard to believe that Yankees like Castillo at 2B. What of Prado and Refsnyder for next year?

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