Yankees enter series against Astros with Wild Card in their sights


The last time the Yankees faced the Houston Astros (which was the first series of the 2014 season), it didn’t end in the Yankees favor. Now, with 40 games to play coming into tonight, the Yankees have a chance to redeem themselves and take this series in their trek to claim the second Wild Card spot.

It’s not a secret the Yankees need to score runs (two per game isn’t going to be enough), and of course the pitching has to be spectacular in order for the Yankees to make a serious run. Yesterday, I wrote a piece on how Brett Gardner was hopeful the Yankees could overcome their deficit and find a way to snag the second wild card spot; I’d like to use the word ‘hopeful’ as well.

Is it possible for the Yankees to overcome their deficit and find a way to propel themselves back in the Wild Card race? Of course it’s possible…but it’s also entirely up to the Yankees. If they can find a way to win series, then they have a chance. If they play the way they’ve been playing for the last few weeks, then it could be a sign they should hang up their cleats for the season (and in Derek Jeter‘s case, forever).

The Yankees and Astros don’t face off much, but the Astros happen to be the first step in the Yankees road to the Wild Card. Just a word of advice: don’t underestimate the Houston Astros–I made that mistake during the first series of the year and they proved me wrong.

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3 Responses to Yankees enter series against Astros with Wild Card in their sights

  1. Luigi Ragusa says:

    The Yanks can make the playoffs by utilizing these three words. BEAT THE SHIFT. Start being hitters instead of slugging into the shift. Be unselfish at the plate. How many times have runners been on and the batter hits into the shift to end the inning! Use the speed at the top to produce runs, sacrifice and get on away you can.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      I agree, it also would be nice if the middle of the order was contributing and not just the top of the order. If Brett Gardner leads the Yankees with hits with RISP, then the middle of the order has a problem.

  2. dabronxguy says:

    Will someone please tell Pineada to put his hat on straight.

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