Yankees held a meeting where they “cleared the air”


The hitters knew that they were struggling, their energy was low and their chances of October were waning. With that hanging over their heads, some of the Yankees hitters called a meeting before yesterday’s 3-0 win where they “cleared the air”. So Brett Gardner, what did the Yankees talk about during their meeting?

“I just told Derek [Jeter] how much I didn’t like him.”

Okay, so Gardner was making a joke about his good friend and teammate, but the real reason they “cleared the air” was to all get on the same page offensively. The two Yankees most vocal during the meeting were Gardner and Chase Headley (who revealed there was a meeting to the media in the first place), but they both wouldn’t disclose who called the meeting. They did say there were coaches present and they all seemed to have the same objectives.

“Just some of the position players got together and said enough is enough, and let’s go,” Headley said. “… It was just, let’s get on the same page and let’s go. I know everybody wants to win, everybody’s working, everybody’s doing the right things. You need that little extra sometimes and I think sometimes those little discussions – I don’t know if you’d really call it a meeting – but getting those guys together and getting guys on the same page can go a long ways.”

The meeting did seem to help the Yankees score more than two runs (they scored three or as Suzyn Waldman put it, ‘a present for Christmas’), but did Gardner think the meeting was necessary?

“I don’t think it ever hurts,” Gardner said. “At this point, we’re trying to mix things up a little bit. … A lot of guys talked. It was good. Hopefully a game like today kind of gets us going a little bit and we can carry that momentum over into the weekend.”

There’s no denying the Yankees needed a big push going into this weekend and this meeting was kind of a way to snap everyone back into focus and keep their eye on the second Wild Card. Hopefully, this meeting helps them accomplish just that.

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13 Responses to Yankees held a meeting where they “cleared the air”

  1. Celerino says:

    I wonder if they talked about the .230 hitters who don't feel a need to adjust to the shift because they're in big contracts. Nah, probably not.

  2. Exactly Celerino or how there should be something in their contracts that say if you dont perform the way youre suppose to you dont get a part of your salary Then see how fast people would adjust…

  3. PJM54 says:

    Somewhere in Miami A-Rod is sitting back with a big smile on his face as he watches the horrible offense that is the 2014 Yankees!!! If the Yankees had any plan to cut him loose after his "time-out" they would really have to reconsider that strategy, a team desperate for right handed power and his $60+ million on the books, he has them painted in a corner. If he is no help then they can consider releasing him and eating his contract, but they have to give him a chance to fail.

    • Mark Panuthos says:

      ARod hit 8 home runs in 2013 and his WAR was 0.8. He's 41 and he'll have been out of baseball for a year. I'm not sure he's smiling about anything. They need to either a) pray that he's been doing more steroids, b) trade him and pay part of his contract in exchange for a High-A prospect or c) DH him for 2015. The question isn't whether or not he'll fail, but can they somehow work with his failure.

      • PJM54 says:

        Point in fact, he is 39, will never be the player he was, they WILL NEVER be able to trade him for any kind of prospect, so the reality is pay him and hope for the best or pay him and cut ties. I did not question weather we will fail or not, I was quit clear that he will fail….and I am sure he smiles every time he looks in the mirror, at his hot girlfriend of the month, or his bank statement.

  4. I am big Yankees fan hope the Yankees win they Cantn lose I know they can do to win .

  5. Balt Yank says:

    The Yankees should not have given Cano 10 years and should cut AROD or trade him if possible, and have been done in this year by bad management 75% and bad luck 25% (Nova, CC). Let's see, Yankees did not need at most 1 OF, 2B, 3B, and signed C, OF, OF in McCann, Ellsbury, and Beltran. Yankees needed to be younger, and brought in Beltran to age 40. Jeter's year has been good for him and it shows how well he maximizes his talent and grit. I hope the Yankees can trade McCann in the offseason, maybe by eating some of the money, and let Cervilli and JR Murphy catch next year. It would be great to trade Beltran for a pitcher or 3B with some promise and a similar fat contract. We don't have a SS. We need a backup 1B. Next year will be problematic without great, great mgmt.

  6. Robert Rufa says:

    Gardner seems to be assuming a team leadership role, which I suppose is a good thing considering the present captain is a lame duck. But what do you say to a team of mostly millionaires–let's go out there and earn our pay? I honestly think as contracts sometimes offer bonuses for achievements beyond expectations, so should they assess penalties for falling short. If players can't get motivated by team spirit or fan loyalty, maybe that would do it.

    Meanwhile, Suzuki continues to contribute in small but meaningful ways–a timely sac fly yesterday, a walk and a steal that generated a run earlier in the week. Other times he gets on but his effort is wasted. He's not setting the baseball world on fire, but he's at least consistently decent, and he hustles.

    I'm still waiting for Cervelli to get more playing time. It will be a waste if he grows old in a backup role. With both McCann and Texeira under-performing, it makes sense to use Cervelli more behind the plate and at first, and to move him up in the batting order to where his near .300 average might have more of an impact. At the risk of being ridiculed, I'd try a lineup with this as 1-6 for a while, see what happens:

  7. Balt Yank says:

    Next year is not promising, considering. Here's a lineup, with McCann traded: Gardner, Ellsbury, Tex, _____, Beltran (DH), Prado, Cervilli, 3B, SS, RF.

  8. olie says:

    McCann is not going to get traded but on that topic, where are all the people that were so happy when they didn't resign Russ Martin.

  9. williwill says:

    I always said, "Girardi will never be a winner" he's awful with pitching

  10. williwill says:

    so busy preparing his next press conference to explain another loss to the Yesnetwork

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