Yankees Notes: Beltran, Jeter, Phelps, Torre

Derek Jeter 6

Here’s a few loose notes and tidbits before tonight’s Yankees/White Sox game. A reminder to everyone, tonight’s game is on My9 but the Yankees post game will be on YES Network. 

Carlos Beltran: Beltran had planned to be ready to play tonight, but Joe Girardi thought against it and went with Brian McCann as the DH. Instead, Beltran will swing a bat and if that goes well, we could see him in the lineup tomorrow.

“We hope it works and then we get him in a game,” Girardi said. “It wouldn’t happen today, but he’s going to take some swings today.”

Derek Jeter: Earlier this season, Derek Jeter held a press conference solely for the Japanese reporters. Today, he did the same thing with the Latin media.

“I think you’re pretty aware of the impact that he has in the game of baseball,” Girardi said. “We see that as we travel around and you’re going to visiting parks. Obviously Derek has meant a lot to fans all over the world, and it’s because of the way he has handled himself on and off the field, and the way he plays the game. He plays it hard, and he plays to win. Never shows anybody up and does things the right way. That’s why he’s had such a big impact.”

David Phelps: David Phelps played catch today but he’s not ready to throw a bullpen session just yet. The Yankees might wait until after the upcoming road trip before they have him throw in the pen.

Joe Torre: Tomorrow is a special day for Joe Torre and the New York Yankees; there will be a ceremony at Yankee Stadium where he will have a plaque in Monument Park and his No. 6 jersey will be retired. After Torre’s number is retired, the Yankees will have one number in the single digits left.

At the rate the Yankees are going with retiring numbers, they might need to start using decimals when assigning jersey numbers. There are only so many numbers that could fit on a jersey.

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  1. Heriberto Rivas says:

    ,A rooster doesn't sing any clearer, you want Beltran to stay away from elbow pain, you simply keep him away from throwing by not playing in the outfield. Surgery in the off season is imminent.

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