Yankees suddenly in the middle of a playoff race


The Yankees recent home stand had done wonders for them, hasn’t it?

Before this current home stand, the Yankees were on the outside looking in: They were eight games back in the American League East and they were five games out of the second Wild Card spot. Flash forward to a week later, and the Yankees are now back in the playoff race.

How? They’re currently six games back in first place (which isn’t an overwhelming deficit) and they’re only 3.5 games out of the second Wild Card spot, behind the Detroit Tigers and the Seattle Mariners. However, if the Yankees want to continue being in the Wild Card race, they’re going to have to continue their winning ways: they’re facing a game against the Kansas City Royals, three against the Detroit Tigers and three against the Toronto Blue Jays, three teams that are still in the Wild Card hunt.

The Yankees have put themselves on a nice streak going into their one game series against the Royals, but they’re also going to have to face four good pitchers in a row (James Shields, Rick Porcello, David Price and Justin Verlander). They’ve accepted and won the challenge of facing three former Cy Young Winners in a row and they’ll more than gladly accept this challenge. The Yankees are now in a tight Wild Card race, and their play this week will determine where they will stand.

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6 Responses to Yankees suddenly in the middle of a playoff race

  1. Celerino says:

    It seems that whenever I get optimistic, they lose four in a row.

  2. richmagoo says:

    They need to tweak the lineup. Jeter should not be in the 2 hole. I have no problems with Ellsbury and Gardner batting 1 & 2

  3. JohnB1g says:

    Love jeter but he should not be batting 2nd. It is a huge mistake Girardi is making. Jeter can not hot the ball out of infield. Is a walking double play and ichiro has as many runs scored. I agree with Rich, Gardner or Ellsbury or bat Prado 2nd.

    It should be about the team first.

  4. Buddy Davis says:

    Play Ichiro EVERY day! If he had been an everyday player this season, then he would have gotten his 3,000th hit EARLY next season. Girardi simply won't play him for some bizarre reason. He has the best batting average on the team, steals bases, and is a pain-in-the-ass to opposing teams. Not to mention he has an arm like a howitzer, preventing a lot of runs from scoring. He (Ichiro) is a PROFESSIONAL HITTER and FIELDER who never loses his concentration, and plays to win. He also doesn't give a damn which arm the pitcher is throwing with. . .he just makes contact with the baseball. I am mystified by Girardi shooting his team in the foot, purposely benching Ichiro so some clown who hits .220 can DH or play little-league outfield. I wish for Ichiro's sake, the Yankees would just let him go. There isn't a team in MLB that wouldn't want him as an EVERYDAY player. Girardi is a second-rate manager who is showing his true lack of insight, class, and prejudice toward a future Hall Of Fame player. Play him, or let him go to a team that WILL, Girardi. The day will come when you will wish you had played Ichiro more. . . .DUMMY.

    • Yes. The reason why the Yankees aren't in first place is because someone hitting .289/.332/.336 and never gets the ball out of the infield isn't playing enough. And 40-year-olds certainly don't need regular rest. By the way, Ichiro is on pace to play in more than 130 games. I'm really not sure what the outrage is about.

      • Mike Sommer says:

        Precisely. 81 hits, and only 10 for extra bases. OPS+ 90 (100 is average). The one regular whose OPS+ is worse? Wait for it… Derek Jeter, who has 127 hits, and only 18 for extra bases and is at 81. There actually are a LOT of teams that would not want a 40 year old with no extra base power as an everyday player. I love Ichiro, he is a hall of famer, but right now, the numbers are what they are. Ichiro, right now, is a PH, PR or defensive replacement, and that should be it.

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