Yankees trading Matt Thornton was a peculiar move


For the past few weeks, the Yankees have been making trades that have helped bolster their roster, from Brandon McCarthy to Stephen Drew. However, a trade that they’ve made today was quite peculiar: they traded Matt Thornton, who had a 2.55 ERA this season with the ball club. The only thing the Yankees get out of this deal is dumping Thornton’s salary of $4 Million, which goes into next year.

So what were the Yankees thinking when they traded Thornton?

“Obviously, he’s a quality pitcher and we made the trade today,” Joe Girardi said. “As I think about it, we have a pretty young staff here when it comes to our starting rotation and multiple inning guys have been extremely important to us. He’s thrown almost 25 innings for us this year, and he’s done a good job for us, but we felt that with the emergence of some of the young minor leaguers that we have in our system who are coming really fast, we decided to make the trade. It gives us flexibility for this year and next year moving forward.”

Brian Cashman mirrored Girardi’s thoughts on the flexibility of the team. In the meantime, the Yankees will use veteran Rich Hill as their primary lefty.

I could use him in those situations very similar to where I used Matt, in a sense,” Girardi said. “For right now, that’s probably how I would use him, but I might have to use him a little bit more than that just because of the way that our bullpen is right now.”

Some Notes

David Robertson has played in four games straight, so he’ll be unavailable for the save tonight. Who will Joe Girardi go to for the save should the need arise?

“That’s a good question,” he said. “We’ll see where we’re at. As I said, we’ve got some tired guys, but Dellin is someone I feel that could do it.”

Masahiro Tanaka played catch for a second day in a row and he’s still reporting no pain. It’s still a long way to go before Tanaka can take the mound, but these last two days have been great progress.

“Fifty throws at 60 feet, increasing the intensity a little bit. Tomorrow is a planned day off and then he’ll go again Thursday.”

CC Sabathia spoke to the media before today’s game about his recent surgery. He was thrilled he was able to avoid microfracture surgery and he was also happy the surgery was just removing a bone spur from his knee. However, has little to no cartilage in his knee, so it’s something he’ll have to monitor for the rest of his career. Nevertheless, he’s encouraged to get back on a Major League mound.

 “I think they felt that the surgery went extremely well,” Girardi said. “There was talk that there was going to be microfracture and they got in there and said, ‘You know what? This is just a cleanup. We need to clean it up.’ That’s extremely encouraging for us and we feel that he’ll be ready to go in spring training.”

— Joe Girardi never fails to speak highly of Brett Gardner, but he never thought he would see his lead-off hitter with 15 home runs.

 “I always felt that he had double-digit (power),” he said. “I can’t tell you that I ever thought that he had double digits with a ‘2’ in front of it, but it’s not out of the question with where he’s at now.”

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18 Responses to Yankees trading Matt Thornton was a peculiar move

  1. hotdog says:

    what Girardi said would make sense if they brought up one of those young farm hands instead of Rich Hill…they found lightning in a bottle somewhat with Thornton and in the middle of a pennant race, I don't know why they would start fishing again…

  2. Frank says:

    Salary dump

  3. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Thornton was let go because of the talent below that will be calles up, a few names were mentioned, Lindgren bring one. Also, Banuelos will be seen soon.

    Why did Ryan hit in the 7th of a tied game with a man on second?

    • hotdog says:

      In Thornton's last 28 outings, he's given up 2 earned runs…why would you call up a prospect at this point in the season with Thornton's recent success…and they called up Rich Hill…salary dump??? doesn't make sense…

  4. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Lindgren was said to be for Next Spring, but no one has been more impressive, I'd bring him.

  5. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Who ever thinks the Yankees don't have a chance at the ring, don't know baseball. Young guns are at the horizon. Beware the patchwork posse and guns to be.

  6. Heriberto Rivas says:

    It was done innocently, like when Ellsbury was stepped on at first base. __Coach removed the starter too late, he waited for the hit that tied the game with two outs in the 7th.

  7. Heriberto Rivas says:

    It is a surprising move, to have let go Thornton like that. Young guns or no young guns.

  8. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Detroit don't know how to real with a relief?

  9. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Some one needs to blast it.

  10. Heriberto Rivas says:

    What's wrong with the decision making? You pinch hit Drew now for Ryan, but not with the runner at second the last time up. You pinch run with Suzuki, but after two out, not when Beltran led off the inning with the hit. I call it delay indecisiveness.

  11. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Pin the tail on the coach for leaving Kuroda in the game too long. Kuroda was allowed to finish the 7th, but they tied the score with two outs for it and the Yankees end up using six pitchers from the pen anyway. Remove Kuroda with the two outs and one run lead in the 7th and this should had been different.

  12. Heriberto Rivas says:

    The Suzuki pinch running was not only delay indecision, done after two outs, but it was also the wrong move. Don't ever remove Beltran, a hot hitting one, in a close game in which another at bat may result. The Yanks can't afford to lose his swish hitting stroke from both sides of the plate, it's not as if they're known for hitting the cover off the ball.

  13. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Coach has been good, I tip my cap to him, but not tonight he wasn't.

  14. Robert Rufa says:

    If Girardi removes Kuroda 1 batter sooner, the game probably wouldn't have gone into extra innings and NY would have won. By now Joe should know better–the rest of us do.

  15. PJM54 says:

    So Tex out for this afternoon game, why do you move Headley to first and play Prado at third, why do you move two players out of position, it seems Prado should play first and leave Headley at third. Does any else think Gardner & Ells should switch batting order spots, Gardner showing more power and rbi potential, Ells better leadoff????

    • Prado has played lots of third base and is very good defensively so having him play there is certainly not out of position. At this point the Yankees desperately need to find a regular backup first baseman so giving everyone an opportunity there to see who works the best isn't a terrible idea so I have no problem with seeing what Headley can do there. Prior to this season, he had only played 13 innings there, though.

      • PJM54 says:

        To my point, Prado has played several positions, including 1st base, it still seems to me that you move Headley out of position when Prado could fill in, but then again no one is paying me to make these decisions!!! Overall, I think Joe G has done a great job with this team and the trades have made them more enjoyable to watch.

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