Chase Headley believes in Yankees chances for a postseason run

Chase+Headley+Boston+Red+Sox+v+New+York+Yankees+jxloxedH__Fl Chase Headley was just a young boy in the 1990’s, living in Colorado, when he would turn on the T.V. in late October only to find the New York Yankees playing on national television during the postseason. He remembers the Yankees winning championship after championship and he was absolutely mesmerized by how good the team was.

“I just remember them jumping up and down on the field a lot,” he said. “It looks like a lot of fun. I want to be a part of that. The clutch hits, obviously all the world championships, but you could just tell that guys expected to win. You expected the magic moment, the big hit, the guy to get out of a jam. You just kind of learned to expect it. I’m sure people around here got spoiled with it a little bit, and you expect it to happen every time.”

Last night, Headley had some Yankees magic up his sleeve when he hit the game winning home run off Red Sox closer Koji Uehara, and for one night it seemed everything was going the Yankees way. Many of the fans have begun to lost faith in the Yankees September run, but Chase Headley has belief the Yankees can turn it around, win ball games and scratch and claw their way into a second Wild Card spot, something he never had a chance to do with the San Diego Padres.

“It’s been a tremendous opportunity for me to come over here and be in a race like this,” Headley said. “I loved a lot of things about San Diego, but one of the things I didn’t was that we didn’t play a lot of meaningful September games. It’s fun to be a part of. It’s exciting. You’ve got that extra level of adrenaline when you’re getting ready to play, so I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

Do the Yankees feel the same way as Chase Headley does about a potential run to the postseason?

“You’d like to think so,” Headley said. “… We’re going with the expectations that we’re going to go on a run, we’re going to get it done. The confidence, the belief, the effort, that’s all going to be there, so we’re just going to keep going.”

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3 Responses to Chase Headley believes in Yankees chances for a postseason run

  1. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Anyone thinking next year should not play, be a fan, manage or lead around here.

  2. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Unfortunately we were thinking next year with Lindgran when he stomped the competition below instead of being groomed along his stomping path to the mound in the Bronx at the present.

  3. Heriberto Rivas says:

    Thank God we traded for Headley and didn't go to the trash bin for a third baseman, like we did with the pen and Chris Young for the outfield. As Lindgren, Mitchell and Severino stomped their way through the minors, instead of having them here in the pen, groomed for the call up, we pitched trash. You would think a capable outfielder in the minors,doesn't exist with Chris Young on the team. We would be better with young players having good years from the minors than trash bin pick ups.

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