Joe Girardi won’t move Derek Jeter down in the lineup

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This has been a topic of discussion in Yankees land today, and some Yankees fans (myself included) believe it would be a better move to have the struggling Derek Jeter (who hit .207 in August) move down in the order. Joe Girardi moved Jorge Posada down in the lineup in 2011 and he flat-out benched Alex Rodriguez in 2012. But despite the outside cries, Girardi won’t move him–even though the Yankees are in the middle of a race for the second Wild Card spot.

“You look up and down our numbers and there’s a lot of .240s and .230s,” Girardi said. “I’m not so sure why he’s the one that’s necessarily picked on here. As I’ve said, this guy has been a money player his whole career and we need him to be the last month.”

To answer Joe Girardi’s question: Jeter is the one picked on because of where he is in the batting order, his numbers and his inability to hit with RISP of late. He’s hitting in-between Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner, who have arguably been the Yankees best position players all season and if Ellsbury happens to gets on base during a Yankees rally, Jeter has a chance of hitting the ball to an infielder to initiate a double play, since the majority of Jeter’s hits are ground balls.

Let’s put things in perspective: if it were any other player, say..Brendan Ryan or Stephen Drew, Joe Girardi wouldn’t hesitate to move them down in the order or potentially bench them due to their numbers. However, since Girardi is looking at Jeter’s career as a whole, he’s basing on where he hits in the order. I understand Jeter has done a lot to help the Yankees in his 20 season career, but Jeter is struggling this season, and it’s hard to accept a non-move due to it affecting the entire team.

Some Notes

Masahiro Tanaka was cleared by doctors to continue his throwing program. It turns out Tanaka’s arm injury was actually nothing, just simply arm fatigue.

“Every manual test that they did came out really well,” Girardi said. “They just said he had some arm fatigue. He’s scheduled to throw a bullpen sometime this week and hopefully he’s ready to do it.”

— Jacoby Ellsbury was named the AL Player Of The Week, making him the second player on the Yankees to have the honor. Brett Gardner was the other Yankee who was AL Player Of The Week, which occurred last month.

David Phelps threw a 25-pitch bullpen session today and he plans to throw a 35-pitch bullpen session on Friday. The Yankees plan to bring Phelps back as a reliever in the pen, versus a starter, a role he had done well in this season.


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22 Responses to Joe Girardi won’t move Derek Jeter down in the lineup

  1. Didn't the Yankees say that Tanaka wasn't supposed to see a doctor?

  2. Justin says:

    The reality is the yankees gm signed two lead off hitters to huge contracts and the manager cannot justify hitting Gardner in the 9 hole. Their lineup doesn't work with two exact guys hitting next to each other. Been a problem all year. Cash put joe in a horrible place trying to fill a lineup out with these two guys. Plus the cap takes a hug hit with their salaries. No one wants a 9 hitter making 12 mil. Lineups have to work towards each players strengths and help protect their weaknesses. Love cash, but he missed this year up. Joe gotta go. Boss man would never tolerate!

    • olie says:

      The Yankees don't have a true #3 hitter and Ellsbury is the best option. He should be at top of order with Gardner. Boy do they ever miss Cano even if he dogged it sometimes!

    • The reason this team has been bad has nothing to do with the fact that both Gardner and Ellsbury are in the same lineup. Their spots in the lineup have very little to do with it as well.

    • Justin says:

      Gardner is now batting 3rd. Come on…u telling me Joe wants him or Elsbury in the 3 hole??? They got two lead off guys making huge money. Lineup stinks cause both guys, they play the same role. It's not Jeters fault…u protect him with Gardner?

  3. Balt Yank says:

    Considering the hitters on this team, moving Jeter down would make little difference and just embarrass him. That being said, let Jeter hit 5. He's still clutch, and if not, well, no one else is. I would have Ellsbury hit 3 because the team does not need 2 leadoff hitters. Still: Ellsbury, Gardner, McCann, Beltran, Jeter, TEX, Prado, Etc, Etc.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Bat a guy with an adjusted OPS of 76 (24% worse than league average) and no power anymore fifth? You are kidding, right?

  4. Celerino says:

    Jeter's problem isn't that he's in the wrong spot in the lineup, it's that at age 40 he's playing too often. Unfortunately there is nobody to replace him. He's hitting .200 recently? Drew is hitting .160. Girardi is doing the best he can with the limited options he has.

  5. tony says:

    So what Girardi is saying,"Look's like were going home cause im "NOT"moving "Jeter"anywhere.

  6. thomas says:

    I thought that the feeling on this board was that Tanaka should be shut down and have tommy john surgery and they yankees don't know what they are doing??? Not a DOCTOR, not posters says he is fine.. What a hoot!!!

    • I'm confused by what you are trying to say here, but what I would like to add is that Tanaka is clearly hurt and likely needs surgery. It seems very unlikely that he will ultimately be able to avoid it and if he had undergone surgery immediately, the Yankees would have gotten him back midway through the season next year. As it stands now, we likely aren't seeing him until 2016.

  7. Robert Rufa says:

    Girardi has struggled to accomplish a lot with not much, but I'm starting to get down on him. It's true that I might have an irrational opinion of Ichiro's ability, but he does have a better average than almost every other Yankee, and that must mean he gets on more often per at bat than the others. For that reason, and because he seems to make things happen when he's on base, I think he should be leading off. As for Jeter, he is indeed a Yankee of historic proportions, but he should man up and volunteer to move down in the lineup, saving Girardi of a decision he's clearly reluctant to make. Gehrig took himself out of the lineup rather than hurt the team. Batting down in the order is the least Jeter can do.

    Meanwhile, we can only hope that the owners are at last learning valuable lessons this year. Questionable acquisitions are not the way to winning a pennant and building a dynasty. A team needs a good mix of young home-grown players and accomplished seasoned vets. It would be a lot easier to accept a few poor seasons if it was clear that there was a rebuilding effort going on, but the Yankees are rebuilding nothing, just recycling. It's time to overhaul the farm system, recruit some better scouts, and get a new general manager. If they do that, I'd give Girardi another couple of years to prove himself again.

    • tony says:

      I agree with u 100%..

      • Balt Yank says:

        i agree 100% also. The ownership is the biggest disappointment this season. Even the recent signing of Chris Young (that Met). Why can't we watch a rookie? At least there's hope. I mean, Stephen Drew hitting 160. Let a rookie play. They probably couldn't hit worse, and they again, there's the unknown upside.

        • hotdog says:

          Yankees regrettably look towards veterans to fill spots hoping to catch lightning in a bottle…the fact is that only a few guys are close to ready in the minors to make the jump…Refsynder would have been an interesting call up but he's mired in a slump at AAA…i'm not sure what they plan of doing with Kyle Roller…

  8. tony says:

    i've been a Yankees fan all of my life(70yrs.)& i never been as mad & anger as i have been this year.
    what is it that Girardi is soooooooo afraid of to go to Jeter & tell him that he is going to b moved dwn. in the batting order for the sake of the team.if Jeter insist he's a team player,he should have gone to Girardi himself.i guess it does'nt matter now cause were not going anywhere but seem's to me that the Yankees r going to b the American East "Whipping Post"for come if they don't do something about it this winter..

    • hotdog says:

      what's up tony…got that facebook account yet…i can't do foxsports anymore…

    • tony says:

      Hey Hotdog,
      no more facebook for me.Been off facebook for quite some time now.
      Tell me,when r they going to give these player's some playing time?What's the reason bringing them up if your not going to see what u got for next year.To bad "M.Prado"is hurt.Think he should b a keeper.Here we go again,A-ROD back on the scene.I guess another year playing for these kid's in the minor's because"WOW",Third base is set,we don't need no one else.I think since the Yankees made the mistake giving A-ROD that big contract,they should eat the rest of his contract & send him on his way.Now that "JETER"will b gone,who is"GIRARDI"going to favor next,"A-ROD".

  9. mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

    Here guys, think of this for a minute: Except for Stephen Drew, Derek Jeter has the worst wRC+ out of the original starters. Joe Girardi's argument of not moving Jeter down is inaccurate because batting average is one small puzzle in a big picture.

  10. olie says:

    I would say Girardi is still a good Manager but he has been told by the higher-ups not to embarrass Jeter! I recall he wouldn't give-up his position of short-stop when A-Rod was aquired even thought Alex was one of best in the game at the position. These farewell tours have been good for the game but really not so good for Yanks!

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