With September here, Derek Jeter’s final game crawls closer

Derek Jeter 15

September 1st is usually a bittersweet moment during a Major League Baseball season, especially for a team that faces uncertainty on whether they’ll enter the postseason or not. However, this year, September 1st will be more of a reality than a bittersweet moment.

But why is September 1st such a bittersweet moment?

Just like last year when Mariano Rivera retired, September 1st marks the beginning of the end of Derek Jeter‘s career. If the Yankees make the postseason, then there will be just a few more games in his career. If the Yankees don’t make the postseason, then Derek Jeter’s final game will be on September 29th at Fenway Park where the Yankees will face the Boston Red Sox in the final regular season series of 2014.

Like many Yankees fans, I was aware of Derek Jeter’s final season, but it didn’t hit me that Jeter’s final game was drawing near until the Yankees played their final game at the Rogers Centre in Toronto yesterday. I know Jeter has visited many stadiums for the last time, but this time it’s different. The Toronto Blue Jays are an American League East team, a team the Yankees spend majority of the season facing due to them being in the same division. When the Yankees face an American League East team and the Yankees visit them in their cities for a final time, it dawns on you that the season is drawing to a close.

There are only 27 games left in the 2014 season, but whether the Yankees make the postseason or not, the inevitable is going to happen: The fans are going to have to say goodbye to Derek Jeter.

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