Austin Romine out of options for next season


Austin Romine

Well it looks like Austin Romine is going to have one last chance to fight for a back-up catchers spot.

According to Chad Jennings of, Austin Romine will not get a fourth option meaning he’ll be out of options coming into Spring Training. That means if Romine doesn’t win a job with the Yankees out of camp, he’ll be cut loose. Dellin Betances was in the same boat as Austin Romine, but the difference was he won a job out of Spring Training, ending the season with an All-Star year. Not bad for a guy who had to fight his way on the roster or risk losing a job altogether.

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7 Responses to Austin Romine out of options for next season

  1. Maybe he should learn to hit.

  2. Anthony says:

    I agree, he needs to hit!

  3. jekyllhj7 says:

    I'm hoping they bring Cervelli back. He was one of the bright spots for hitting in the Yankees lineup.

  4. Joe B7 says:

    I want to see Gary Sanchez. Let
    Him grow at the major league level.

  5. Aaron says: smart he isn't to good and there are better catchers in the Yankees farm system

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I would call this a non-article. Romine was out of options "for real" last year when he showed he's a 220 hitter. Wait, so is McCann. LOL.

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