No Yankees among finalists for the 2014 Gold Gloves

Brett Gardner 14

Rawlings made the announcements for the 2014 Gold Glove Awards, but you might be a little surprised to see none of the Yankees were finalists in any category. The Gold Gloves in my opinion aren’t really given to the best fielder because let’s face it, if that were the case, Brett Gardner would have one by now. The only fielding awards I tend to take seriously are the Fielding Bible Awards since those are solely based on stats.

If you were wondering and I’m sure you were, Robinson Cano and Russell Martin who are both former Yankees, were among finalists for the Gold Glove Award.

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7 Responses to No Yankees among finalists for the 2014 Gold Gloves

  1. Bill says:

    The three Left Fielders listed are all better than Gardner. Alex Gordon has 16 more outfield assist then the next left fielder. Don't those facts get in the way of a good story though. Plus all Gordon, Brantley, Cuban Missle were all All Stars.

    • mlblogsnewyorkyankees13 says:

      The article never says Gardner deserved one this year. I said he should of had one by now, implying past years. He did deserve it when he was last nominated because mathematically he had the best WAR among LF. But who did the GG go to? Alex Gordon. Gardner won the Fielding Bible Award that year which is MUCH more accurate than the Gold Glove Awards.

      • Bill says:

        WAR dose not measure good a player is. Just shows the value to a team and shows the depth in with the players backup. Alex Gordan has 16 more outfield assist than the next LF since 2011. Brett Gardner isn't as good as everyone thinks he is. He's a not even a top 5 LF in the American League.

  2. Everyone knows that the gold gloves are the biggest joke of an award in sports. It really makes the manager looks like a bunch of morons.

  3. Yankeesfan22 says:

    Yanks played sloppy in field last season and that doesn't help even though individual award.
    It seems like gold glove goes to the most popular player not best glove unfortunately.
    Gardner is a very good defensive LF and hopefully keeps getting better at plate. he can be all-star and I would take that over gold glove all day

  4. olie says:

    Being a baseball fan was a lot easier before that Moneyball Book!

  5. Balt Yank says:

    I like Gardner but gold glove awards are neither bulletproof nor hogwash. Ellsbury seems to have more range than Gardner, so Gardner is not invincible in the field. I did like Gardner in CF better than Granderson.

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