Throwback Thursday: Gardner crushes two HR’s off Darvish

Hello Yankees fans, and welcome to another addition of Throwback Thursday. Last week, we glanced back at Derek Jeter‘s final at-bat at Yankee Stadium, resulting in a walk-off victory against the Baltimore Orioles. Today, we’re staying within the 2014 season but shifting the focus to another Yankee: Brett Gardner.

Yu Darvish is one of the most dominant pitchers in Major League Baseball and it’s almost impossible to hit Darvish when all is right with him, but for some strange reason Brett Gardner has success off him. Gardner is 5-for-11 (.455 AVG) lifetime against Darvish with four home runs and two of those home runs came on a blistering hot July evening in Texas.

It was a bad series for the Yankees, but a good series for Gardner. Gardner’s home-run tear resulted him in winning AL Player of the Week and Darvish gave blame to Gardner’s parents for making a great hitter. Sure, let’s just blame the parents, Darvish. Well the good news is Gardner had a great season for the Yankees and that weekend in Texas is what helped him reach a season-high 17 home runs in 2014.

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