Which former Yankees would make great hitting coaches? 46

Jorge Posada

The New York Yankees fired their hitting coach Kevin Long after eight seasons in the organization yesterday afternoon and while the Yankees freed up a spot at the position, they now need to find someone else to replace Long. So, who could it be? I thought it would be interesting based on observation to play the ‘which former Yankee would make a good hitting coach’ game. These options are unlikely to happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

1. Paul O’NeillPaul O’Neill would be a perfect choice for a hitting coach. He’s motivated, he can hit and let’s not forget he has passion for the game. In his 16-year career, he’s hit .288/.360/.470, so the numbers back up why he’s probably the right fit. While O’Neill is perfect for the job, O’Neill most likely won’t happen; he told Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York that he has no interest in being a hitting coach. Well, maybe it was for the best…he’s pretty amazing on YES and if he were the hitting coach, he wouldn’t be able to entertain the fans when he’s in the YES Network booth.

2. Tino MartinezAlong with being on the Yankees during the Dynasty Era and having a career .271/.344/.471 clip, Martinez also has experience as a hitting coach; he was a coach for the Miami Marlins before quitting mid-way through the season in 2013. Martinez would be another good choice for the Yankees, but the Yankees reportedly aren’t viewing Martinez as a possible candidate to replace Kevin Long, which is a shame.

3. Jorge PosadaJorge Posada has the utmost respect for the game and has always been a hitter, not to mention he’s a four-time All-Star. When it comes to the game, Posada has a serious demeanor, which is needed when you’re a hitting coach. Posada would be a great choice,and for the fans that grew up watching Posada in the 90’s, it would bring back some memories.

4. Derek JeterThis one is the least likely to happen since Jeter doesn’t have interest in being a coach, but anyone who has a .310 career batting average has to be worth mentioning, right?

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