Yankees roster has changed dramatically since 2009


Five years ago today, the New York Yankees won the 2009 American League pennant, advancing to the World Series and defeating the Philadelphia Phillies for their 27th World Series championship, the most in baseball history. The Yankees had one of the most powerful rosters that season and you would think the team wouldn’t have changed much since 2009. Well, five years later the Yankees have advanced to the ALDS twice, the ALCS once, and missed out on the postseason twice. The lack of winning isn’t the only thing that’s changed about the Yankees these days; so did the Yankees roster. Here are the players that played the final game of the American League Championship series five years ago.

As of right now, here’s the roster the Yankees would send out on Opening Day 2015, and let me tell you…it’s not pretty.

I see you’ve noticed all of the question marks on the 2015 Opening Day roster versus the roster on the final day of the American League Championship series. Let’s quickly go over the many glaring question marks that the Yankees should address:

— Mark Teixeira’s numbers have been in a rapid decline following the 2009 season. Will he continue to free fall or will he bounce back with an All-Star type season?

— There’s no Derek Jeter next season, so who can the Yankees acquire from the free agent market to play shortstop? Stephen Drew? Hanley Ramirez? Perhaps they take another route and make a trade for Troy Tulowitzki?

— Martin Prado can play second base, but will the Yankees acquire a second basemen from the free agent market, or will they slot him there every single day? Will the Yankees give Rob Refnsyder and Jose Pirela a chance to win the job out of Spring Training?

— Coming off a year-long suspension, can 40-year-old Alex Rodriguez actually play third base following multiple hip procedures? Will the Yankees bring in another third basemen to move A-Rod to the bench?

— Who’s the Yankees DH? Could it be A-Rod or could it be someone that’s not on the team yet?

— Will Carlos Beltran be healthy enough to play almost every day in RF considering he’s injury prone?

— Who will start on Opening Day? Could it be Masahiro Tanaka who emerged as the Yankees ace? Could it be CC Sabathia based on being labeled a “workhorse” in Joe Girardi‘s binder? Will Masahiro Tanaka’s elbow tear hold up for an entire season? Will CC Sabathia be able to bounce back from knee surgery?

— Who’s closing the games? Will the Yankees re-sign David Robertson to be their closer? Will they let D-Rob walk and slot in Dellin Betances as the closer? Will the Yankees get another closer off the free agent market?

You probably couldn’t of imagined the Yankees needing to answer so many questions just five years after becoming World Champions. But here the Yankees are, needing to patch up the holes after another abysmal season.

Just five years ago, the Yankees were basking in the glory of a 27th World Series championship.

Now, fans are wondering how long it will take before the Yankees finally reach 28.

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9 Responses to Yankees roster has changed dramatically since 2009

  1. Call Me Crazy says:

    I disagree with the continual characterizations of Carlos Beltran as "injury prone" and highly likely to "injure himself by the end of May 2015/early June 2015". When Beltran played CF for the NY Mets, he had knee surgery at the beginning of the the 2nd half of 2009, after playing 88 games that year. His "rehab" continued into 2010, when he played in only 64 games at the backend of that season. He was never placed on the DL for a knee injury since then. Prior to that stint, he played in over 140 games a season after winning the "Rookie of the Year" award in 1999. Note as well that it is not unusual for center fielders to suffer a slew of injuries given the way they sacrifice their bodies on defensive every day of each season that they play. (Jacoby Ellsbury is a perfect example of that syndrome.) Beltran then went on to play in 142 games in 2011, 151 games in 2012, and 145 games in 2013. He achieved this while competing in the NL, where there is no DH. As we all know, he exacerbated old bone spurs in his right elbow, most likely after flipping over the wall in TB in late April. that built up over the course of his 16 year career. Th primary issue that Girardi must address in 2015 regarding Beltran relates to the management of his playing time in RF. Manager Mike Matheny of the Cardinals was successful in doing so without the luxury of the DH in both 2012 to 2013. Girardi should be able to accomplish this goal as well. Beltran's body was not punished last year because he only started 31 games in RF. Although he will be a year older, this should benefit him as well.

    • The guy has played 3 full seasons in his last 6. And out of those 3 seasons that I am counting as full seasons, only 1 of them was as many as 150 games. Are you sure you completely understand what injury prone means?

  2. Nick says:

    There is no way i have Arod play third base everyday. He should be the regular everday DH. They should re-sign Headley, but do not overpay him and do not give him a lengthy contract, unless there is someone else out there that dont have to overpay, who can hit. If we go for Tulo at short, do not include Betances. Do not re-sign Stephen Drew. There is no guarantee he will do better than his 2014 numbers. They need to go back and look at the winning years. It was a mixture of home-grown players, free agents (and not the best and highest paid), and good mid-season acquisitions. Also do not overpay for the shortstop, and do not sign anybody for any position who is over the age of 35, not even Victor Martinez. Here's my 2015 roster:
    LF Gardner
    CF Ellsbury
    SS Tulo / Hanley/ ?
    1B Tex
    RF Beltran
    DH Arod
    C McCann
    3B Headley / Pirela / ?
    2B Prado

    Lester or Scherzer / Tanaka / Pineda / CC / McCarthy

    D-Rob / Dellin / Andrew Miller / Warren / Phelps / Greene / Kelley

    Cervelli / Chris Young / 2nd backup OF? / Pirela / 2nd backup INF

    Still have some question marks, but for the most part, the Yankees should reach playoffs with above, otherwise goodbye Girardi and goodbye Cashman.

  3. 32864 says:

    i would like the yankees to sign scherzer and cruz and hanely. i sure hope teix and beltran will bounce back and i will be happy if the yankees make the season as a wildcard.

  4. Fernando says:

    I think a viable shortstop signing would be Asrdubal Cabrera, He is a SH and a 2-3 year deal would nit be bad as he is only 28 (29 in Nov). He can play 2b or SS, so if they find a long-term option at SS he would be a solid backup for the term of the deal. No to Drew and doubt Hanley can handle SS any more.

    I would like to see a trade for a RH power bat. They don't seem to have interest in Cuban Yasmani Torres. He has some pop and is a young guy, though the bucks are a lot for an unproven player.

    A solid 200 inning guy is needed as CC, Tanaka and Pineda are question marks. I like McCarthy and signing him ro a 2-3 year deal would be wise.

  5. Fernand says:

    And also like signing Scherzer or Lester. Prefer Lester for he is LH, proven playoff performer and would not result in loss of draft pick. Figure his dollars and years would also be cheaper than Scherzer.

  6. Robert Rufa says:

    In 2014 Ichiro had 102 hits and 21 walks–on base 123 times (not counting when he reached on an error). He scored only 42 runs. Imagine if he'd gotten on those 123 times leading off instead of wasting away at the bottom of the order. The runs he didn't score might have cost NY a playoff spot. Yes the Yankees fielded a weak team in 2014, but for whatever reason Girardi didn't use his available talent wisely. Considering how Ichiro came out of spring training, he should have been given the opportunity to maintain that momentum by leading off from the get-go. As it was, Gardner and Ellsbury got their share of hits, but they had nobody to drive in, and nobody behind them to drive them in with any consistency. I'm a broken record when it comes to Ichiro, I guess, but there's one thing I can say with certainty: had he been at lead-off, they would NOT have had a worse year.

    And THAT is where I would start building the roster for 2015. Of course, if Ichiro decides to retire, well it's moot. But he seems as though he could go on forever.

  7. Prisma says:

    such a brave post

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