Afternoon Notes: Cashman, Cervelli, Wilson, Yang

Brian Cashman 4

The Winter GM Meetings ended yesterday evening and it was a productive three days for the Yankees. They signed a fourth outfielder, signed a left handed reliever with minor league experience and traded away one of their many catchers for another left handed pitcher.

— Brian Cashman admitted this year’s GM Meetings had to be the busiest one in recent years. The Yankees are still looking for a shortstop, but they were able to fill some holes. The signing of Chris Young basically cemented the idea Ichiro Suzuki was no longer needed in the Bronx and the trade involving Francisco Cervelli pretty much makes John Ryan Murphy the favorite to win the back-up catching position.

— Speaking of the Cervelli/Justin Wilson trade, Cashman announced the trade took two years in the making. Both teams would visit the idea in the past but nothing substantial would come from it. This week, they were able to get a deal done. Brandon McCarthy chimed in on the subject saying ‘Cervelli is a stud’. You now have to wonder, is McCarthy going to break Yankees fans hearts and sign with the Pirates now?

— For those keeping track, left handed Korean pitcher Hyeon-jong Yang is expected to be posted on Monday. Yang could be considered as a No. 3 starter and the Yankees could see him as rotation depth.

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4 Responses to Afternoon Notes: Cashman, Cervelli, Wilson, Yang

  1. Robert says:

    I am assuming at this point that Ichiro is as good as gone. I can't predict what he and Cervelli will do elsewhere, but I hope they do so well that Cashman cries himself to sleep at night. Ichiro is nowhere near being a has-been yet, and Chris Young is a never-was. What is it about his .234 lifetime BA that makes him so desirable? This management has traded and bought its its current mediocrity over the last few years, and fans deserve better. And if Cervelli's departure inspires McCarthy to go elsewhere, we'll be calling it collateral damage.

  2. Robert Rufa says:

    An afterthought: If McCarthy departs because Cervelli was traded, it won't be him who breaks NY fans' hearts–that will be on Cashman. And Cervelli, one of few successes of the Yankee farm system, deserved better. His loyalty was rewarded with betrayal. McCann had damn well better come through and prove he's worth what he cost NY. Meanwhile, there is no statistical reason to believe that Young will contribute more than Ichiro would have, or will for whatever team he winds up with.

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