Cashman on Robertson, Ichiro, Drew, Beltran, Kuroda and a hitting coach

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Yesterday, Brian Cashman spoke to the media during the first day of the GM Meetings and he discussed his closer turning down the qualifying offer, the possibility of Ichiro not returning to the Bronx and where the team stands when it comes to looking for a hitting coach.

On David RobertsonThe Yankees weren’t entirely stunned Robertson turned down the qualifying offer and Cashman admitted the Yankees didn’t have a multi-year deal in place as of yet. The Yankees are going to start negotiations with him but all eyes will be on whether the Yankees and Robertson can find common ground for a long term deal.

On Ichiro SuzukiWith the signing of Chris Young, Brian Cashman indicated the Yankees were moving on from Ichiro after he spend two and a half seasons in the Bronx following a trade with the Seattle Mariners in 2012.

“I think right now, we’re kind of settled in the outfield unless something surprising happens in the case of a trade, which I wouldn’t anticipate,” Cashman said. “So I think we’re currently pretty well set with our outfield. Obviously we have a desire to get younger as a team.”

An interesting stat on Ichiro that may surprise you: Ichiro had the lowest slugging percentage, .340, among any Yankee outfielder with at least 300 plate appearances since Bill Robinson had a .281 slugging percentage in 1967.


On Carlos BeltranBrian Cashman admits the Yankees made a mistake when they let Beltran wait until the end of the season to have elbow surgery. Cashman added he should have pushed Beltran into having the season ending surgery, which wouldn’t of been a bad idea; Beltran was never productive once the injury presented itself.

On Stephen DrewCashman said he was talking with Stephen Drew’s agent Scott Boras about the possibility of a reunion, but he didn’t sound as if he was committing to it.

“We’ll stay in touch and see where it takes us,” Cashman said.

On Hiroki KurodaCashman acknowledged he spoke with Hiroki Kuroda’s agent after the season, but he’s still unsure of Kuroda’s plans. If Kuroda does decide to pitch in 2015, will the Yankees re-sign him?

“It just depends when (he decides if he’ll pitch) and what kind of money we have to play with by the time that happens,” Cashman said.

On a hitting coach: Cashman said the search still continues and no one is close to acquiring the position.

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32 Responses to Cashman on Robertson, Ichiro, Drew, Beltran, Kuroda and a hitting coach

  1. Ldogg says:

    Bernie Williams as hitting coach.

  2. Go get someone like John Olerud…

  3. Bob Robinson says:

    What is Wade Boggs up to. He'd be a good fit

  4. Ray says:

    Hate to see Ichiro go. Cashman will miss his .280 batting average this summer when Young is hitting .190.

  5. Larry says:

    Raul Ibanez or Jason Giambi

  6. rich says:

    What the hell is Giambi gonna do as a hitting coach. HE couldn't even hit to the opposite field.

    • David says:

      I don't know about his credentials as a hitting coach, but by all accounts, Giambi should be a coach of some sort. He's a mentor; it's why teams keep signing him to sit on the bench.

  7. Robert Rufa says:

    What is it with the damn slugging average? Can't drive in runs without people on base, and Ichiro does that. Rizzuto wasn't a slugger and he's in the Hall of Fame. Ichiro's lifetime batting average is .317 and he's scored over 1300 runs in 14 years, an average of 96 per year. That's a better lifetime batting average than Jeter and almost as many average runs scored–not bad considering NY has been playing Ichiro at the bottom of the order. Brett Gardner, by contrast, averages 90 runs scored a year. Is anybody home? Does anyone understand the significance of scoring runs? IT MEANS YOU WERE ON BASE A LOT, not something the Yankees do very often.

    • hotdog says:

      i guess they feel Young has a greater upside based on his short stint with NYY in 2014…and Ichiro would cost more…actually maybe it's more a cost issue…

    • Winfild dela rosa says:

      Robert rufa…i agree with you..i never fight with a yankees fan..bcuz the 85% they dont know about baseball they are yankees fan bcuz yanks got name and history

    • Mike Hipius says:

      Ichiro hardly walked. Also rarely good for an extra base hit. Ichiro's numbers sound better when you include his Seattle years, but with the Yankees OBP about .310 last two years combined) he was no big deal. Young is not the answer, but he has similar OBP as recent Ichiro plus power.

  8. ray says:

    get jeter as hitting coach

  9. mick says:

    Look at the number of runs produced by Ichiro. Especially what he did after Soriano was DFA'ed. Imo, Ichiro should have been DFA'ed, and Soriano kept. Even though Ichiro was the better overall player, he didn't fit what the Yanks needed. That would have been right handed power from the corner outfield position. Soriano ran almost as well as Ichiro, could steal a base. As great as Ichiro was, he isn't anymore. For what the Yankees invested in Chris Young, it's an upgrade. If memory serves, Ichiro drove in thirteen runs after Soriano was DFA'ed. That's not production when you consider he played a corner outfield position.

  10. Bernie would make a fine hitting coach. I think Derek will take some time off, so hitting coach is probably out of the question for now.

  11. mick says:

    Jeter might attempt to BUY the Yankees. I doubt he will ever accept a job as less than majority owner. I think Paul O'Neill would make a terrific hitting coach if he could teach his swing. Few have a better swing model. I also think Raul Ibanez could have a positive impact, as could Tino Martinez, whose swing is almost identical to that of Ibanez. I really thought that Gary Denbo would move in as soon as KLong was moved out. He's a great coach, ask Derek Jeter, who saved his career after Kevin Long did all he could to ruin it.

  12. tommy cassella says:

    it's only logical that JETE buys the yanks.

  13. frankie o. says:

    Paul O'neill could b an excellent hitting coach.

  14. laurence says:

    Someone that can teach them how to bunt, and hit past the shift.

  15. Matt Napoli says:

    Cashman and Girardi Era needs to come to an end

  16. Jill Karnick says:

    Tion Martinez hitting coach. He's got technically one of the greatest swings ever. No need to get rid of Ichiro or Kuroda.

  17. kam says:

    he a good for yankees maybe we win it all

  18. dylan says:

    thank you

  19. kam says:

    yankees maybe we it win all

  20. Yankee Fan says:

    Cashman, you are an All Star Ass Hole

  21. Al from University says:

    Though he's never won a championship, Ichiro plays like a WINNER! Forget how great his stats are, his fundamentals(no matter how old he gets) will ALWAYS be sound and THATS what produces a winning team. Chris Young indeed!

  22. Al from University says:

    BIG MISTAKE letting him go.

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