Cashman on Rule 5, Wheeler, Kuroda, McCarthy and a search for a hitting coach

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Brian Cashman slept on the street last night near Times Square to raise awareness for homeless youth, but that didn’t stop him from answering questions about the quiet offseason the Yankees have had so far. So what did he talk about? Let’s recap.

Cashman on Rule 5: Cashman said all of the Rule 5 protection decisions were ‘layups’. As a refresher, the Yankees protected Tyler Austin, Danny Burawa, Branden Pinder and Mason Williams.

Cashman on Zelous WheelerJust like the Francisco Cervelli trade took some time, this deal took some time as well–just not as long. Cashman said the Wheeler deal took about three weeks to complete and said Wheeler was excited for the opportunity of being an every day player in Japan. It’s also worth noting, the Yankees received $350,000 in return for Wheeler.

Cashman on Hiroki KurodaCashman said he hadn’t learned anything on the situation of Hiroki Kuroda. Cashman believes Kuroda will pitch in 2015 but he’s not sure if it will be in Japan or MLB.

Cashman on Brandon McCarthyBrandon McCarthy is high on Brian Cashman’s list of acquiring this offseason, but just because the Yankees have interest in McCarthy, it doesn’t mean the Yankees won’t sign a second starter should McCarthy rejoin the Yankees.

Cashman on a hitting coach: Cashman said the Yankees will interview a hitting coach candidate next week, but he wouldn’t go as far as to name the candidate.

And as a bonus:

Cashman on Russell Martin signing with the Blue Jays: Cashman says he’s happy for Martin but also wishes it wasn’t the Blue Jays that acquired him since they’ll be in the same division.

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  1. olie says:

    I think some Yankee fans will be sorry the Jays aquired Martin as well!

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