Hot Stove: Could the Yankees have a reunion with Nick Swisher?


Nick Swisher has two-years left on his contract with the Cleveland Indians, but the Indians are looking to trade their first basemen/outfielder. With that in mind, would the Yankees be interested in having a reunion with their former right fielder?

According to Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish, he believes the Yankees could be a fit for Swisher, who is coming off the worst season of his career. In his last four years with the Yankees, Swisher hit .268/.367/.483 but he’s had some struggles in Cleveland. Just last season, he was only able to play 97 games due to injury and hit .208/.278/.331.

Nick Swisher to the Yankees could be an interesting move, considering Carlos Beltran is not a lock to play everyday after having offseason elbow surgery. Beltran’s also turning 38 in April. The Yankees could use Swisher’s services at first base as well if the Alex Rodriguez to first experiment doesn’t work out and if Mark Teixeira has another injury riddled season.

Nick Swisher returning to the Bronx could revive his career, and considering he was a fan favorite before he left, the fans would most likely welcome him back with open arms. (But he’d have to hit better in the postseason. Four hits in an entire postseason per year will not cut it if the Yankees advance to October baseball).


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28 Responses to Hot Stove: Could the Yankees have a reunion with Nick Swisher?

  1. Jeff says:

    First they have to advance to the postseason, and a revived Swisher (remember he was coming off a lousy year when they got him last time) could help that happen.

  2. Marc says:

    Did any of you actually WATCH Swisher play or did you only see him wave at the fans? Four years, the guy didn't have one highlight, and in October, he was terrible.

    There's a reason Cleveland wants him gone. He stinks. He was defensively the worst right fielder I have ever seen. Offensively, he was terrible in the clutch. The man struggled to hit .200 last year.

    The ONLY way I would be in favor of Swisher coming back would be if the Indians take ARod in exchange, but that's not happening. Pass.

  3. Lou says:

    I think with too many aging guys clogging the roster there is no room for Swish. You already have Gardner, Elsbury and Beltran in the OF with Chris Young as the 4th. And then we are stuck with Nim-Rod and Tex. You might need someone like him though, because Tex is made out of paper these days and can't play everyday. And I highly doubt ARod is going to be able to handle playing 1st base. I liked Swish when he was here but like everyone else I gave up on him after his last putrid postseason. Let's find a way to get younger please!

  4. mick says:

    Lou…….with no disrespect intended. But, if and when Tex and Beltran are healthy, those are two pretty solid players. Hopefully, they are well. With very limited playing time this past season Tex still led the team in RBI, if memory serves. He can still play 1B with anyone. If the Indians were willing to eat some of that contract, it might be interesting. If not…….I'd like to see the Yanks bring back Melky, who can hit for average, power, and play three outfield positions. His arm is adequate to play all three, as well. In the Stadium, it becomes a little stronger playing RF. Arod is still a good athlete, and should adapt to 1B easily, if so inclined. Therein, could lie a problem. I'd love to be younger, too, but this is too good a team to rebuild around. If the rumors are true about Scherzer, Shields, or Lester, the Yanks would likely be one bat away. Melky could be that bat. Of course, I also think the Yanks have to resign Headley, too. I just think the Yanks are very close to being a great team, if blessed with health.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Teix didn't come close to leading the team in RBI. McCann led with 75, Ellsbury was second with 70 and Teixeira had 62.

  5. Karen says:

    Other than the fact that Swisher was popular in NY, I can't see any real reason why the Yankees should sign him. There are no guarantees that he'd be an improvement over the walking wounded they already have.

    • Celerino says:

      He'd be a step up from Chris Young as a fourth outfielder, and he'd be a backup firstbaseman who has actually played first base. That said, I don't think it would be a great signing, especially at the price.

  6. Oh come on why would this even be a possibility. First of all, Swish is a great guy. Hes struggled for the past years hes better then the numbers. BUT… soon we forget his problems in the playoffs…he does not hit in the playoffs his .165 batting average can stay in Cleveland and we should be getting younger not older! We have a few outfielders that can make the team out of spring training……so my vote is NO WAY JOSE…

  7. santos says:

    I think the Yankees should sign 3B Headly, Trade for SS Elvis Andrus his young speed good bat comes with a steep price but if the yankees tell Texas I take all the money you owe on him for Austin Romine and lower class prospects….also we need a 2B Howei Kendriks good bat good glove…..we dont need nick swisher we already have Polanco that could do that Job to be the 4thOF…..

  8. tommy cassella says:

    swish is'nt the only yank not to hit in the playoffs, the whole damn team sucked.

  9. hotdog says:

    i liked Swisher, lots of enthusiasm, could drive in runners and had a very good obp because of plate discipline but he's declined and who knows if last year was an indicator of his future but we've seen guys hit the skids…he has some versatility but he battled to stay above .200 last year…i think Arod can hit .200 and field his position and if he can't the Yankees can figure something else out…we also have 4 outfielders at minimum…i'd pass and look elsewhere…

  10. yanksfan1964 says:

    trade him straight up for Arod. We pays Arods salary, since we have to anyway. The Indians pay swisher salary, since they have to anyway. We get a better club house guy, No distractions, He can play 1st base, Can play average RF, and the team chemistry is all the better for it. If the Indians would do this then we would be better in long run.

  11. Keep this Bum out of here!!!

  12. Balt Yank says:

    If we could trade either Beltran or AROD for Swisher, that would be a great trade!

  13. billyball says:

    My off season.

    I absolute sign Yoan Moncada and put him in AA

    I resign Headley and McCarthy

    I move arod to first

    I trade Texiera for swisher and low level prospect

    I resign Robertson but not at papplebon money

  14. Glenn2000 says:

    I liked Swish, but we need to sign YOUNGER talent.

  15. Joe says:

    Adam LaRoche would hit 40 homers for the yankees too bad there's not a spot for him…

  16. Bernard Cook says:

    Swish would be a great addition off the bench…short right field. If they don't have to break the bank..go for oit. Great leader in clubhouse!

  17. David C says:

    Yanks cut ties w him at the right time. Stats and health were declining. Please no more senior citizens

  18. I don't see a fit for Swisher unless they find a taker for Beltran. The outfield is pretty much set with Gardner, Ellsbury, Beltran and Young. Beltran could DH, but then A-Rod has to play in the field. Swisher could backup Teixeira, but the Indians would have to eat most of Swisher's contract for it to be worth taking him on as a bench player. And A-Rod is probably the backup first baseman anyway.

    Swisher just doesn't fit unless A-Rod, Teixeira or Beltran are traded (A-Rod and Teixeira have full no trade clauses).

  19. Balt Yank says:

    Maybe AROD can be traded to prison. We have get the U.S. Fed. Pen's best ballplayer and they can get AROD? Ah, perchance to dream! There's the rub.

  20. Michael R says:

    I always likes Swisher but his time has passed.

  21. Michael R says:

    Sorry, that should have been "liked".

  22. Tim S. says:

    The Yankees have to stop spending money on "has-beens" and start investing in young players with the potential of many good years ahead of them. As long as they keep going for 1 or 2 year deals with players that used to be good, they will never win a world series, even if they are lucky enough to make the playoffs.

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