Rumor: Could Jimmy Rollins be a fit for the Yankees?


It’s not secret the Philadelphia Phillies have the biggest “for sale” sign when it comes to wanting to take players off their payroll, but could one of those players be shortstop Jimmy Rollins? And if so, could Rollins be a fit somewhere in New York for example?

Joel Sherman of the New York Post thinks Rollins could possibly be a fit for a team that is looking for a shortstop like the Yankees or the New York Mets. However, Rollins won’t be moved unless he wants to be traded.

Jimmy has 10-and-5 rights (10 years in the majors, five with one club, triggering an automatic no-trade clause), so Jimmy will go only where he wants to go. I have had no conversations with Jimmy about [waiving the no-trade provision] that he has rightfully earned. If it is ever the right time, I will have the conversation, but Jimmy will be the one who decides where he is going.”

The Yankees might not go this route and acquire Rollins because they’re trying to get younger as a team. The Yankees have already parted ways with Ichiro Suzuki and they’re unsure at this point whether they want to re-sign Hiroki Kuroda. With that said, Rollins had a .717 OPS in 2014 and was a good defender at shortstop. He’s also owed $11 Million in 2015.

Like I always say, it never hurts to pick up the phone and call and with the shortstop market so thin, Rollins could be a legitimate option should the Yankees choose to go this route.

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8 Responses to Rumor: Could Jimmy Rollins be a fit for the Yankees?

  1. hotdog says:

    not a young man anymore but he'd be a decent bat for a year, steals some bases and plays a solid ss…nothing special but I see it as a plus…Yankees could have some interesting options if they play small ball…i wouldn't trade anyone for him, we'd just be taking on an $11 mil contract for a guy that may be worth it…everyone wants to go younger but Rollins would be around for just the year…doubt this happens though…it seems too smart…

  2. Mike says:

    Although Rollins is 35, I honestly wouldn't put too much thought into his age as he only has another year on his deal. By aquiring Rollins the Yankees would get a solid stop gap option at shortstop and it wouldn't impact their future regarding payroll or prospects. They wouldn't have to give up min for him I they're taking on the money so I say go for it and worry about your shortstop of the future next offseason(maybe they'll have better options). Rollins is a perfect fit for the Yankees unless they can complete a blockbuster for a young shortstop like Castro but at a reasonable cost. I dont know if that's a realistic goal or not so trade for Rollins!!

  3. John says:

    I find it incredable that anyone would want another player 35 years old. About as dumb as signing V. Martinez to be the DH along with Arod,Beltran and Tex.

    • hotdog says:

      I'd be happy with VMart as the DH…these aren't long term contracts…the Yankees hope to get something out of Arod though and VMart would probably want a few years…VMart and Rollins would be a real upgrade to what we have going right now…i can't imagine the Yankees going after VMart but we've seen strange things happen in Yankeeland…

      • mike says:

        no vmart, he would clog the dh spot which the yankees NEED for arod, tex, beltran, mccann, and others. Rollins wouldnt clog the dh spot on a daily basis and like you said is also an upgrade to our team right now. go for j roll no vmart

    • mike says:

      trading for rollins and signing aren't even comparable. We would trade for ONE year of rollins. him being 35 isnt the same issue as it is for arod beltran and tex because we wouldnt be locked into a long term deal with him. Rollins is simply a stop gap option until we can find a long term solution at short.. hes still a productive player on both sides of the ball and is a proven winner. We can do a lot worse than jimmy and if he doesnt produce like the yankees had hoped, or age catches up to him and he has continuous injury issues(which would be worst case scenario) then at least we never have to worry about him again after this season.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    He's a decent stop gap measure for one year. Here's his 2013 stats: BA .243 OBA .323 17 HR 55 RBI 78 runs, an improvement over Drew or Ryan.

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