2014 Rewind: Derek Jeter doubles in first All-Star Game AB

The 2013 All-Star Game was special to Yankees fans for many reasons: it was held in New York City (in Citi Field) and it was Mariano Rivera‘s final All-Star game of his career. In 2014, Derek Jeter had his chance to play one last All-Star game after being voted in by the fans, the game being held at Target Field in Minnesota.

The clip above was actually my favorite moment of the All-Star game, almost as if it was scripted in perfect Hollywood fashion. A baseball fan yells Jeter is “overrated” and right after the chant, Jeter notches a double in his first All-Star at-bat. Talk about perfect timing.

Jeter had a great night for himself but he didn’t win the All-Star Game MVP; that honor went to Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels. But, for Yankees fans it was great seeing their captain on the field paving the way for the American League to win one final time.

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