A week in review: Betances, Capuano, Headley, Prado, Phelps, Rodriguez and Scherzer,


While the beginning of the week seemed to be quiet, the Yankees eventually got down to business; they retained a second-half fan favorite and made an incredibly puzzling trade which once again placed holes in their infield. Also happening this week, a legendary reliever gave an endorsement on who should be the next Yankees closer, the Yankees continue to maintain their frugal stance and there’s competition at third base…at least, that’s what Alex Rodriguez thinks. Here’s your week in review.

— With David Robertson gone, the Yankees need a new closer. Luckily, Mariano Rivera said who he thinks should be the next closer: Dellin Betances. Remember, Rivera recommended Robertson for the job last season after he retired and Robertson flourished in the role. If there’s one thing we’ve learned is we always listen to Mariano Rivera. Even if we don’t agree, we still listen to Mariano Rivera.

— The Yankees added some rotation depth by signing Chris Capuano to a one-year, $5 Million deal. The Yankees said Capuano will be in the rotation when the team breaks camp and the Yankees project him as the fourth or fifth starter. Capuano was a decent second-half acqusition last season. He wasn’t brilliant, but his veteran presence is what enticed the Yankees in agreeing to a reunion with him.

— The signing of the week was the Yankees retaining Chase Headley by signing him to a four-year, $52 Million contract. Headley was an above average defensive third basemen, had some clutch hits and even demonstrated high pain tolerance (he was hit in the jaw with a fastball, somehow didn’t break any bones or lose any teeth and returned two days later. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.). He’ll be the Yankees everyday third basemen when he arrives to Spring Training.

— So we had the signing of the week, so let’s move on to the shocker of the week: the Yankees trading both Martin Prado and David Phelps to the Miami Marlins in exchange for Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Jones. Before the trade, the Yankees seemed set with their infield but now they once again have holes in the roster. The good news is, the Yankees gained a true back-up first basemen in Jones. Jones can also play right field and can hit left handed pitching–which might be bad news for Alex Rodriguez since he could lose at-bats as the DH.

— With Alex Rodriguez’s role diminishing, he’s working hard to gain playing time, even if that means trying to fight Chase Headley for the third base job. The Yankees seemed set on having Headley as the third basemen and it never hurts to try, but here’s a bold prediction: Headley’s the third basemen when the team breaks camp at the beginning of April.

— If you’re still hoping for Brian Cashman to change his mind in signing Max Scherzer, it’s time to move on from the pipeline dream. Cashman and Yankees president Randy Levine both said there’s “virtually no chance” the Yankees sign Scherzer. Well, the ‘Scherzer in pinstripes dream was nice’ while it lasted.

Worth Noting

— The Yankees designated Preston Claiborne for assignment.

— The Yankees acquired Gonzalez Germen from the New York Mets for cash considerations.

— With the holes in second base, it’s entirely possible for both Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela to compete for the second base position. But, there’s also a chance the Yankees sign a veteran infielder.

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6 Responses to A week in review: Betances, Capuano, Headley, Prado, Phelps, Rodriguez and Scherzer,

  1. brooklyn joe says:

    I still don't know what to think about this last trade, Eovaldi has great velocity and can eat innings ,but he sounds a little like Phil Hughes. Prado did a nice job last year,but with the signing of Headley and the acquisition of Jones we solidified third base and back-up right field, but left a gaping hole at second base. Hopefully Refsynder or Pirela can step up and do the job, only time will tell. At least we got younger and more athletic, and if Tanaka and Pineda can stay healthy, who knows, things maybe looking up for us next year and beyond.

  2. Balt Yank says:

    It's a good trade from a rebuilding standpoint. Eovaldi's 200 innings is better than Phelp's upside. I hope 2B works out. I think we should keep Refsynder and Pirela on the roster as 2B / RF (as both played RF in the minors) and cut Chris Young (loser). The big offseason mistake is not signing DROB though. DROB would have been not just an A closer but bullpen leader. We will miss Prado's 300 average bat, no doubt, but from a rebuilding perspective, we don't need Prado.

  3. hotdog says:

    Nick Punto was just released…don't put it past Cashman to go after him…

  4. Think there's a possibility of trading CC to Detroit so NYY can get Greene back?

  5. Scooter10 says:

    No one would take CC and his contract right now. Great guy and competitor. I hope he proves everyone wrong and the rest/rehab results in a return to how he pitched a few years ago. Guess I'm a glass full type of guy, but a top four of Tanaka, Pineda, Sabathia and Eovaldi could be a great rotation. Add Nova. Mitchell, Banuelos and Severino waiting in the wings. We need everyone to start on a roll, feed off each other with some solid relief pitchers to control the number of innings. I think Lindgen could be this year's Betances. Hoping we sign Soriano or K-Rod to handle the 9th so that Miller/Betances can dominate the 8th, with guys like Warren, Wilson. Kelley and Lindgren taking care of the middle innings.

  6. Ttime says:

    Sign Rollins. He can play short and 2nd. That's such a good look for the Yanks

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