Hot Stove: Brian Cashman says Max Scherzer’s price is “too high” for Yankees


If you were hoping for Max Scherzer to don pinstripes for the New York Yankees, you might be a little disappointed because as of right now, Yankees GM Brian Cashman isn’t interested in paying $200 Million for the former Cy Young‘s services.

When asked by NBC’s Bruce Beck about Scherzer, Cashman said, “I think that’s a lot higher level than we’re willing to play in right now.

“I don’t think Yankee fans will be looking at Max Scherzer.”

Although it’s possible Cashman isn’t revealing his plans to the media, he does seem to be taking the frugal approach this offseason. He let David Robertson go to the Chicago White Sox on a four-year deal and Brandon McCarthy went to the Los Angeles Dodgers. While some of the former Yankees seemed to have gotten away, Cashman did say this: Chase Headley is interested in staying in the Bronx.

“Chase wants to be a Yankee.”

The burning question is whether the Yankees will be able to make a deal for Headley, especially after he had a four-year, $65 Million contract offer on the table from a mystery team. Headley is everything the Yankees are looking for at the moment, especially with so much uncertainty around Alex Rodriguez; it’s questionable on if he can play third after playing only approximately 40 games in the last two years.

The Yankees view Alex Rodriguez as a designated hitter than a third basemen and said, “We have to keep the bar low and hopefully he can surprise us.”

He also mentioned Yankees starter Masahiro Tanaka‘s partial tear in his elbow is in the back of his mind and everyone has to lower their expectations of Dellin Betances should he be in the closer role in 2015.

“We have to probably set bat a little lower,” Cashman said, “But I think he’ll be astronomical for years to come.”


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16 Responses to Hot Stove: Brian Cashman says Max Scherzer’s price is “too high” for Yankees

  1. Robert says:

    I miss George!

  2. Nunzio says:

    Thank you cash please stay away from Scherzer …..let some other team invest in the dry well…develope the farm ….bring up your young pitchers and play them….I would rather see a Yankee team that loses but tries than a 200 million dollar player that's standing in the way of youth….when the young know there is room for them they will play there heart out ….when the young know they have no chance of coming up they stay average ball players….keep payroll low and bring the yankees back through our home grown players….let everyone else for a change over spend

  3. hotdog says:

    We've got a lot of work to do before a Scherzer type pitcher can really help…why lock up another contract for 8 years…i would like to see Cashman give us some hope though…

  4. hotdog says:

    Yankees just signed Headley to 4 years $50mil…

  5. Karen says:

    Cashman said that signing Scherzer is a "lot higher level than we're willing to play." Did he mean "pay" or "play?" Certainly if it's basically the same team (minus Robertson and McCarthy and plus Didi) as 2014, they probably won't be PLAYING at a very high level. I don't understand why last year's record is all right with the Yankees. I think it was a disgrace and I thought Hal agreed – since he aploogized for it. I'm not necessarily a Scherzer fan but with all the great free agents and trading chips out there, look what the Yankees settled for.

  6. There is no point to signing Scherzer. This team won't be in contention until freed from the ARod, Tex and Beltran contracts.

    • hotdog says:

      the problem may be that Cashman eventually substitutes bad contract for bad contract…i hope they stay short-medium term…5 years or less even at higher per year costs…looking forward to seeing rookie ball this year…is that where the international free agents we picked up will start…might make for an interesting article…

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